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Lip piercing with braces?

Can I get my lip pierced with braces on? What would happen if I did? What are some piercings I can get with braces?

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    It is possible, but I do not recommend it. Some piercers will do it, and some won't. If you get it done, your jewelry will probably snag on your braces. This can tear your piercing.

    I recommend getting something that is not on your mouth.

    Source(s): I am a professional body piercer.
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    You are asking for trouble.

    Sooner or later, the decoration that is inserted in the piercing will chip a tooth, scratch the gums.

    If you get your lip pierced, with the braces, you should find a good oral surgeon to repair the damage when the braces catch onto the stud or ring, and you tear.

    Since this is a cosmetic piercing, I don't know if any insurance would cover the upcoming claims due to the new hardware, so any repairs would have to be covered by you, out of pocket.

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    Well, check with your dentist. I honestly think that you would have a bit of a heavy mouth if you have braces and lip piercings. But its your decision. You should be able to have lip piercings with braces if you like. I would recommend getting a lip piercing after your braces are removed, though. But intentionally, do whatever you like with dentist and parent's permission.

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    a Lip piercing sounds very nice but with braces, not a good idea! This could damage your braces and affect them. You might have to prolong your treatment!!

    Some piercings that you can get is eye brow,belly button,1st or 2nd ear pierced,nose,any part of your ear.

    Getting your tongue done is not a good idea either! Its better safe than sorry! Why dont you get your lip done after braces yeah?

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    That doesn't sound like a good idea. Braces are uncomfortable enough without having your medal piercing rubbing up against them. I suggest that you avoid all piercings around your mouth area until your braces are removed. There are lots of other great places to get piercings like your eyebrow, belly button, and your nose.

    P.S. if your a risk taker you can always try the more complex piercings like your nipples or your hood :))

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    you could but I dont recomended it because you'll probably get your lip piercing stuck with your braces and rip off part of your lip so just be patient and do it after you get your braces off

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    Dont get piercings...get covered in tattoos instead, they wont hurt your braces

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    doesn't sound like a good idea

  • Anonymous
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    you don't have enough metal in your mouth?

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