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insect bite in Mexico?

march 8th - 13th I went on a cruise to Grand Cayman and Mexico. I was bit by an insect of some sort (did not see the insect or notice the bite till the last day of the cruise) It is now the 22 and the bite- which was once just a small red itchy spot- its now about 2 cm bigger, very itchy, and has started to peel in the center next to a small scab (the scab looks like a little needle poke, very small). its $20 every time i go to the doctor so i was just wondering if anyone knows what this could be and what i should do? thanks!

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    There are many possibilities. You may have picked up a chigger, which is a larval mite. If so, it would be extremely small, barely visible as a red dot just under the skin. Or you might have a mosquito bite that became infected. Or you may have been bitten by a spider. Or maybe it's just a small staph infection. The only thing to be concerned about is if you picked up a myiasis, like a bot larva. Get a magnifying glass and closely examine the center of the itchy spot. If you see a very small, round structure, that would be the tip of a spiracle tube that the larva sticks up into the air to breathe. In that case, you'd want to have the larva removed.

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    We also traveled to Grand Cayman and Mexico. My husband was bitten on the foot and did not see the insect either. This was on June 4 in Carmen Del Playa. It still itches and is red, sounds the same as the bite you describe. He has since developed terrible headaches for a month and has never had headaches before. He has extreme fatigue and did have a fever for a couple of days following the bite. He had an abnormal MRI with periventricular lesions and at first thought to have the beginnings of MS. That has now been ruled out. Symptoms are similiar to Lyme disease, but he has not been in the states where Lyme is prevalent. His legs feel very tired, heavy, and weak. Currently all his bloodwork is normal,but the doctor still wants to do a spinal tap and Lyme titers. Did you have any other symptoms with the bite? We are just wondering if his symptoms are even related to the bite.

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