Why aren't old collection accounts on my credit report?

I have three old medical bills with statement dates in 2006 and 2007. Two are from the hospitals, one is from a collection agency. I pulled my credit reports and none of the above accounts are listed on my reports. Does this mean that they will not ever be put on my credit reports? Should I attempt to make payments or will this result in the accounts being added to my credit report? I am trying to clean up my credit and if these accounts are just written off I would rather leave it alone. Any advice on how to figure this out? Thanks.

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  • Vortex
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    10 years ago
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    They are either a non-reporting agency or something was missed. 06 and 07 are not very old and usually bad collections stay on your report for much longer than the standard reporting period so they were probably missed. If you're trying to clean up your credit, pay off or "clean up" what is showing up on the report. If your score is above 680 or so you're not too bad off. 720-800 is ideal with 900 being excellent. To answer your initial question however, if they didn't report it yet they probably will not, just make sure you check all three reporting agencies to cover what is there.

  • 3 years ago

    certain, you may dispute it. If the surprising aspect that you personally did became in 2002, then that is too previous to be on your credit list and also you should dispute it depending on the age of the debt.

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