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help with youtube videos?


can someone please tell me how i can get a youtube video from a comp to my ipod thanx

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    First you have to download youtube videos into computer harddrive, more websites can download youtube videos, you can try, etc. or use firefox explorer to access, and firefox have some addon tool can directly download youtube videos, such as fast youtube downloader, etc. Then you should know iPod support mp4(avc/h.264 video encoder, aac audio encoder) well, I am using RZ video converter to convert the downloaded youtube videos to high quality iPod mp4 videos, then transfer the converted videos to itunes, then sync to iPod. you can try it by youself, yahoo or google search and download RZ Video Converter, hope it can help you.

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    Yes you can get youtube videos to your iPod,

    first you have to download the youtube video to comp.

    try this website

    Its one of the best Youtube online converter. No software needed.

    Its Simple, Safe and Easy.

    Its 100% FREE.

    Try to download youtube videos in Mp4 format and send it your iPod using cable.

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    this can help you... use 'zillatube' - it gives you good quality video/audio , and you can watch your favorites videos smoothly, and also save battery life as you do not need wifi.

    It will help you to download videos from youtube to your computer, and also help you put them on your iTunes and iPod/iPhone.

    This is the fastest (and easiest) way.

    1. download the video (it will automatically be saved to your PC)

    2. convert the video to good quality mp3 audio (or mp4 video)

    3. drag the mp3 (or mp4) into iTunes, then sync with your ipod.

    It works very well -

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    I hope this converter will help you:

    All you need to do is download mp4 converter and click 3 buttons:

    1. select files

    2. convert

    3. copy to iPod

    You can use batch mode to convert several videos with one click!

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