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    我翻的是: Hello:

    With regard to the content of the volume and price contracts, such as attachment, please note that the contents of contracts in effect immediately after signing the contract expiration date 2010/03/22 ~ 2010/04/15 contents of bilateral cooperation for the buyer during the period mentioned in 56 months, the number of a month 5000pcs.

    Also you mentioned about the 5% commission, I am not sure to be added to offer inside or along with, I will give 5% of the price already included the commission, may I ask how I want to Ni are the company pay the costs?

    Am very grateful to your company's help, if customers have orders, we receive 50% of the guests to deposit some of the commission is to refer to your company, thank you!

    Then we hope that there are many opportunities for cooperation!

    Your sample will help you to be sent today, freight COD.

    In addition, you mentioned two certificates, we have found the information, and then need to think about our country, the Department of Health to apply, we can apply, but I do not know why you need this certificate, because we did not ask the United States, customers need to put these two key certificate, and our local application cost is about USD $ 100 million we hope to confirm the first orders, or you're close to begin with this cost, and so on your next single, we will refund the money

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