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不要翻譯機的 希望能翻順一點

Another source of scale and scope economies is

the spreading of fixed costs associated with general

management and administration over more units

of production. For example, a single accounting

office may be able to accommodate several business

units with little appreciable increase in costs.

Again, these economies can be accomplished by

using the market. Small firms may purchase

managerial services from independent market

specialists (e.g., acounting firms, consulting firms,

service bureaus, janitorial management firms).

The market may be less effective than a

centralized firm when firms have specialized needs.

In this case, there may not be enough firms with

the same particular needs to support the growth

of independent market specialists to meet them.

Firms may also be unwilling to use the market if

they feel that they may be forced to divulge

valuable proprietary information that they can not

protect through institutional controls. In addition,

independent specialists may not always take the

best interests of their clients into account, due to

diverging goals, transactions costs and monitoring

problems. On the other hand, merged firms may

require additional administration in order to

coordinate across quasi-independent units,

especially if the merger markedly increases the

size and complexity of the firm, or if the units

remain physically separate.

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    標度和範圍經濟的另一個來源是傳播固定费用联合在更多單位的一般管理和管理生產。 例如,一個唯一會计办公室也許能容納與少許看得出的增量的幾個营业单位在費用。再次,這些經濟可以被完成 使用市場。 小公司也許購買從獨立市場的管理服务專家(即, acounting的企業、咨询公司、服务处,工友管理企業)。 市場比a也許较不有效的集中化企業,當企業專門了研究需要。在這种情况下,可能不有足够的企業以同樣特殊需要支持獨立市场專家发展遇見他們。企業也許也是不願意使用市場,如果他們认為他們也許被迫洩漏他們不可能通过協會控制保護的可貴的私有的信息。 另外,獨立專家可能不總是考虑他們的客戶的最大兴趣,由于分流的目標,交易費用和監測問題。 在另一隻手上,被合併的企業可以要求另外的管理為了橫跨半獨立的單位協調,特别是,如果合併明顯增加企業的大小和複雜,或者,如果單位依然是完全分開。

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    樓上大大翻譯是有把重點意思都翻出來,但是感覺比較直譯順暢度還可以加強. 學術專業的翻譯最好還是請有相關背景的專業人士翻譯比較好喔,要不然會很不通順,嚴重時完全會錯意那可就得不償失了....

    我推薦 '征文' 他們的翻譯完在用母語人士編修而且是用相關背景的人去執行所以品質非常好. 價格也很公道,翻譯完你覺得ok才付錢,非常推薦~

    價錢透明化且公道,全職學生跟長篇有折扣喔. 你把要翻譯的稿件寄給他們他們一天內就會回覆做完全免費的估價,你可以跟他們詳細討論需求. 價格非常透明化也公道喔, 讓他們幫你做免費估價吧!

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