There is a song at the end of the episode of John Doe called Remote Control and I want to know what it is.?

The episode of John Doe called Remote Control has a song at the end, while they are sitting at the bar, playing in the background that goes: "take a look in my eyes and tell me who do you see i wouldnt be surprised if it wasnt me cause im not feeling myself". I have googled it and everything to no avail, can anyone lend a hand? It's a softer song, possibly country but I doubt it.

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    Kitti - These are the only songs that come to mind with the lyrics you posted:

    LOOK INTO MY EYES - By - Outlandish

    "Look into my eyes ...Tell me what you see ...You don't see a damn thing ...'cause you can't relate to me "

    LOOK AT ME - By Keri Noble

    "Look at me ...Look into my eyes ...Tell me do you see ...has the world got you down ...Come to me ...Look at you ...Look into your heart"

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