whats the different between perfume, cologne, and fragrance?

it may sound stupid, but Im really confuse between those three, someone told me that perfume you spray it to your shirt, and cologne you spray it to your skin, but it might be wrong. and did you say men's perfume or men's fragrance?


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    1 decade ago
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    Here it is -

    parfum is for women and is the most concentrated formula of a scent

    perfume, eau de toilette, and sprays are watered down versions of the parfum - also for ladies

    cologne is for men and there are different formulas, some companies use less water than others, while the less expensive brands use more water

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    1 decade ago

    Clothing and skin, makes no difference. Perfume is for women, cologne is for men and anything that smells like anything is fragrant, what you refer too is probably intended as nice smelling fragrance which is either cologne or perfume, or like room spray.

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    Perfume is for women and its usually pretty concentrated, and you spray it on your skin. Cologne is for men. Fragrance usually isn't as strong as perfume.

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    perfume is for girls cologne is for boys and fragrance is all of them and u say mens fragrance

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