Will marrying my boyfriend (gay marriage) give him citizenship?

I am in a relationship with a wonderful man. He is from Brazil and has been living here on a Student Visa that expeires in 3 years (5 year total visa). He mentioned if we were to ever get serious, If I married him, he would not be able to stay and have citizenship because gay marriage is only a state law and not federal. What would I be able to do in order to keep the man I love in the country?

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    10 years ago
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    Yes that's correct even if you are married in your state it does not count federally thanks to DOMA! So you can not sponsor his citizenship like a heterosexual spouse could. Sadly you can do nothing. Your marriage will not be recognized!

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    The Federal "protection of Marriage Act" makes it unlawful for any Federal employer to provide the benefits of marriage to absolutely everyone except a legally married significant different of the alternative gender. the federal authorities does not understand gay marriage, and gay fanatics are literally not, less than any circumstances, eligible for immigrant visas. Richard

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    that's correct, a marriage act in the USA is governed by the state law not by the federal law

    UAFA will address your issue

    Take a look at the website which gives you all the information you require


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