how does life end for me... but i continue living?

i'm 14 years old. when I was 12 life was the greatest. I had everything. I had a nice house, a girlfriend, i had all my favorite t.v. shows running like they would never end. My mom's boyfriend was not always the friendliest but he loved me had his viewpoints straight, good taste in music. always wanted everyone happy and would get upset himself if someone was upset. He would never want to deeply hurt me. he knew it was not the right thing to do. I never thought i did but i guess i loved him. Then it all changed. the last episode was created of one of my fav shows death note. people stopped watching anime. not me though i continued to watch my other fav shows. they cancelled my complete fav shin chan. naruto was taken off the air. i had no saturday night anime every saturday. i lost that. my mom's boyfriend broke up with her. she remarried and we moved into their crappy house because it was bigger. His house is dirty not messy dirty. He is complete idiot. he tries to deeply hurt me. like a goal. spoiling his kid. we have opposite viewpoints. He also only wants one thing. i think everyone knows what that is. all they ever do is "talk". And his ex-wife walks in like she owns the place and tells her son it's his. then my girlfriend broke up with me. Is my life just getting worse? What should i do?


when i say hurt me deeply i mean things that would hurt your feelings so bad you would want to never talk to anyone again.

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    It seems like you're dealing with a lot of difficult changes in your life, and it's really hard for you to know how to deal with it all. As far as the Anime is concerned, try starting an Anime club at your school. You could get a faculty sponsor and show Anime films/ tv shows once a week at club meetings. You would be able to meet other people with similar interest and enjoy some of your favorite films. Sometimes it can help to talk to someone when your lifestyle is altered so drastically, through no plan of your own. If you go to school, you could try talk to a guidance counselor. Check out some self-help books from the library about dealing with a step-parent. It concerns me that you say that your mom remarried someone who tries to deeply hurt you, and that's even more reason to talk to a trusted adult in your community. I hope that things start to get better for you, and just remember, life is a series of ups and downs. Even when things seem really bad, they don't always stay that way.

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