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Alcides Escobar or JJ Hardy as a back-up SS?

who do you choose

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    CBSsports ranks Alcides 14,and JJ 17th amongst SSs..

    I like Alcides,he'll most likely have better numbers then Hardy in everything,but HRs+RBIs.

    So,if you want HRs+RBIs go with Hardy,,if not,definitely go with Alcides.

    Alcides has a very high ceiling for success,which means he could exceed expectations more easily then Hardy (We KNOW what JJ will do.)..Alcides has 100 run,30 S.B.,and .300 b.a. potential,and is the current NL ROY favorite.

    Bottom line: I would take Alcides' potential over JJs track record.

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    Escobar does have potential in Milwaukee as the everyday SS, but I'm putting my money on his former teammate, JJ Hardy. The new Minnesota SS has the job all to himself to start the season and batting in front of Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau, he does have the potential as a bounce back candidate. His .229 batting average last season is hard to swallow, but this was a guy fighting for his job back then, even being demoted to the minors. He might not match the 20 HR, 80 RBI-type of season he did back in 2007-2008, but at least he has a better lineup batting behind him and a new environment could help.

    AE burn up the scene with a .304 average last season, but rookies tends to struggles during the season. He could be good, but not might what you expect from him.

  • Anonymous
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    Hardy, but only because Escobar is known more for his glove than his bat.

  • 1 decade ago

    Hardy- More experience

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