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How to bake boneless/skinless chicken breast?

I have been looking but to no avail for a simple, basic chicken breast recipe. I need to bake some chicken and don't want to use too many ingredients. The most I am willing to use is some Olive Oil and some salt/pepper. Also, how do I know when its ready?

Thanks guys!

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    If your chicken breast still has the skin on and bone in, you can just put a bit of oil on it then sprinkle on some salt and pepper if that's all you want to use (or add a touch of onion powder, garlic powder, paprika, or thyme for flavors that most people like). Bake the breast at 375 F for about 17-20 min.

    If you have a skinless and boneless chicken breast, you'll probably want to do something to keep it from drying out too much in the dry heat of an oven. You could "marinate" it first, or you could do a "rub" which is sort of like the previous description, or you could use a bit of "sauce" of some kind or even a chunky "sauce".... or you could at least tent it a little with foil, or completely enclose it with foil or in a baking dish, etc. to hold in the moisture. Unless you cover it with a lot of stuff, you can bake it at 375 for about 17 min for an average-size breast. (it will continue to cook for a few minutes even after removed from the heat source)....if you've really buried it with ingredients or cooked it in something enclosed, you'll want to go to up about 20 min, but be aware that "delicate" proteins like white meat chicken will overcook and dry out if cooked even a bit too long.

    (If you do cook it in foil --or in a pouch of foil or parchment paper-- it's much easier to keep it, or fish, from overcooking:

    http://google.com/images?q=chicken+en+papillote+po... )

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    Source(s): Delicious Paleo Recipe Cookbook - http://PaleoCookbook.raiwi.com/?HvWT
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    You could broil it...just brush on a little olive oil and pepper it. You don't need the salt and it causes the juices to dry up a little. Broil it under the flame and turn it over after about 5 minutes. Poke it with a fork and when the juices run clear it's done.

    You could also wrap it in foil and do the same thing. That keeps it from drying out and works very well. Search for foil packets for more ideas.

    If you're willing to add some Bisquick, you can make some very nice baked chicken. Read the box.

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    Okay, if chicken breasts, olive oil, salt, and pepper are the only ingredients you are willing to work with, then your options are somewhat limited.

    ON a baking sheet, brush a layer of olive oil ( I assume you are using skinless boneless chicken in order to reduce the fat content), then lay out the chicken breasts smooth side up and sprinkle with kosher salt and fresh cracked pepper. Bake at 375 until an instant read thermometer displays an internal temperature of 165 Fahrenheit for 15 seconds. (Probably a minimum of 30 minutes, depending on how much you're cooking and how closely it is spaced.)

    (The thermometer is crucial -- no sense trying to eat healthy if you're going to get sick on under-cooked chicken.)

    Also, you could probably look in a basic cookbook -- Betty Crocker, Better Homes & Gardens -- or on a "foodie" website, such as www.splendidtable.org, www.foodnetwork.com, or www.allrecipes.com for basic instructions on how to cook chicken, beef, pork, etc.

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    Brush the chicken with olive oil and the sprinkle with salt and pepper. Also, some spices help a lot, like cajun spices. Put the chicken on a baking pan and bake at around 425 for half an hour and you're good to go. Make sure there is enough oil on the chicken, or it will stick.

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    This is a great recipe

    1 1/2 to 2 cups soft white bread crumbs. I use food processor to make crumbs.

    1/4 cup parmesan cheese (Kraft)

    1 tsp garlic salt

    1/2 tsp pepper

    1 cube butter (4 oz)

    capers (optional)

    4 chicken breast halves, boneless/skinless

    Melt butter. Mix bread crumbs with parmesan,garlic salt & pepper. Dip chicken in melted butter ( I put about 1 tbsp capers in butter). Coat chicken with bread crumb mixture. Arrange on foil lined baking sheet. Bake uncovered at 350 degrees, 1 hour. Enjoy Dee R

    • Jerry
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      Tried this, and it was easy and fabulous. Thanks for posting it, Dee.

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    Only salt and pepper? You are missing out pal. Get wild and get yourself some Lowrey's season salt, you won't regret it.

    Meat is generally baked at 400-450 degrees.

    Times vary according to sizes of cuts. Boneless breasts can get overdone and dry very quickly and the threshold is very thin between cooked and overdone.

    A good test is to give them a poke with a fork. If the juices which leak out run pink, give it a few more minits. If it runs clear it is done and eatable. If no juices run out you have passed the threshold and they will be chewy and dry.

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    I'm a vegan but I have cooked chicken before for others. I usually broil it on a low setting a half hour before it is done. The way I cooked the chicken it has always taken a half hour on broil on the low setting temperature. If you use high temporature it may take shorter time. If you bake a chicken breast...350 degrees is good enough and just keep checking the meat from time to time. That too takes about a half hour. But just check the meat to make sure...if the meat is still pink well then it isn't done cooking yet. If the meat is showing spots of brown color then it is most likely done. Just don't over cook it. If you use olive oil just use one tablespoon or a half and sprinkle the salt and pepper. I never use salt and pepper but the olive oil I use the 1 tablespoon.

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