what's better Dell or Toshiba ?

well i know i already asked something similar to this but i didnt get alot of answers i really need help and i dont know what to get. many people said dell isnt good but i dont know if its true or not.so what do you think Toshiba Netbook or Dell ?


* oh and why is it better ?

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  • 10 years ago
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    Mac - Overpriced and you get very little technology for your money. They look nice though.

    Toshiba - More expensive than Dell, but people claim it has "quality"; although I've never really understood what they meant about that. Toshiba has pretty good configurations but their website is a mess and their prices fluctuate.

    Dell - The most technology you'll get for a great price. Unfortunately, they ship direct, so their customer service can get frustrating at times. It's a bit of gamble—you may or may not receive a computer with a flaw and you may or may not have good customer service. If you do happen to get a perfect condition computer though, this is the best deal you'll find out there.

    The main difference between choosing Toshiba and Dell is that Toshiba has to go through a middle man. Although they do ship direct, their prices are influenced by how high stores set theirs.

    Personally, I prefer Dell over Toshiba because they offer some great configurations for hundreds of dollars cheaper than other companies.

    I suggest you look for coupons floating out there for Dell machines; 5%-10% off isn't unheard of. Also check out Bing, they can get you a rebate if you can't find any good coupons.

    Source(s): Ordered the Alienware M11x from Dell.
  • 4 years ago

    I use to work for Dell, and from a moral standpoint they're the worst and I would NEVER spend my money with that company. But to answer your question Toshiba is far more better than Dell. Not only that, Dell has now started selling their systems in Walmart, so go figure.

  • 10 years ago

    Don't get dell...they are horrible in customer service!! I have a 2008 dell here right now and they have replaced the motherboard (The main component) of the computer 2X!! The hard drive failed out of the box. and the screen went black and had to be replaced after a year. no dell for me..EVER again!!!!!

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    10 years ago

    Dell.. Toshiba overheats!!

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  • 10 years ago

    I like dell more

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    if you have the money buy a mac. other than that dell is better.

  • 10 years ago

    dell.....better service if you have a problem.

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