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Whats better deodorant or fragrance/perfume?

Hi. Im want to get the Armani classic for men but don't no which is better the deodorant or the fragrance. which lasts longer and which one lets people smell it from a bit on a distance.

Thanks and how are you today.

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    Get fragrance, but do us all a favor. Put just a tiny dab of it at the base of your throat once in the morning and then don't reapply it. Otherwise, you will sicken many people who are sensitive to scents, and you will seem like a clueless, vain, wannabe player to the rest. There's nothing worse than smelling a guy from a distance. If someone can smell you closer than three feet away, you've applied too much cologne. And note that you won't be able to smell it for more than about three minutes. Your brain soon blocks out whatever scent you're wearing.

  • Hi, I'm good today thanks :)

    now about your question... If you want it for the smell for it being stronger you would want to go for the fragrance. If however you suffer from B.O when you get hot and sweaty it would be best to go for the deodrant. Or, the other thibg would be to use both. Use the deodrant or maybe a fragrance free deodrant under your arms and then use the fragrance for full affect.

    I'm not an expert but I think this is what I would do. I usually use deodrant during the day and then use a fragrance free deodrant and a splash of my fav perfume for a night out! :)

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    I decide to apply the products that don't circulate away white marks under the palms, as I positioned on multiple sleeveless outfits. i admire Dove perfect clean, lady speed Stick Invisible stable, and secret appropriate. i'm Black, and that they do no longer circulate away white action picture under my palms and supply astonishing secure practices. I workout consultation numerous circumstances a week, and nevertheless i'm going to sweat with complete of existence determining, i don't have smell issues. i do no longer positioned on a similar one 2 days in a row. I change between the three every day so my physique would not "get accustomed" to all of us in particular.

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