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Does illegal immigration stimulate U.S. economy?

Okay so I have a debate in my business class and the topic is Does illegal immigration stimulate U.S. economy or not and my group is supposed to be Pro-immigration, that is, we're supposed to argue that illegal immigration does stimulate U.S. economy and I can't come up with any valid arguments except consumer spending so please help, the debate is tomorrow!!!!

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    A weakened tax base which government can draw revenue from,seeing all those illegal immigrants get paid under the table,(that means they don't pay income taxes, like the rest of us legal workers,immigrant or otherwise.)

    But I bet U 10-1 that their take home pay is greater as a result,because even the legal guy who's making $4-5 dollars an hr. more is paying Federal taxes on income,Social Security,Medicare,with whatever state income taxes 1 has to pay as a result. But just look @ all the sales taxes local & state governments can rely upon,which hurts the average Joe just as myself even more so,because 2/5ths of my wages already went to the government,since the sales tax is considered regressive,because more of a poor persons' income goes towards purchasing goods & services than does a much higher income family.

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    It would be a source of cheap labor which would benefit small businesses and make it easier for those businesses to make a profit margin. Illegal immigrants can't work for fortune 500 companies but they can work for mom and pop places. If Bob's hardware hires illegals perhaps he can lower his prices to compete with home depot. There is a myth that illegals fear the IRS more than the INS. You would have an increased tax base without the contingent usage of those funds.

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