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I need a research paper thesis/question regarding Central Asia?

It can be anything that has to do with Central Asia (Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, or Kazakhstan) throughout history or in modern times. The paper is 12-15 pages long. I am interested in more historical things, such as the Silk Road, Chinngis Khan or the Persian Empire/empire of Alexander the great.

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    I am from Kazakhstan

    There are many things you can talk about. You can talk about Genghis Khan, and his politics. Or you can talk about the Three Horde division among Kazakhs. It is too long to type. Just e-mail me at for help.

    P.S always glad to help to people that want to learn about Kazakhstan

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    Make your thesis about the Persian Empire. You can write a great deal about that because the Persians played a very big role in creating the Silk Road. They also controlled it much longer than anyone else. You see there were several Persian Empires and most of them had control over the silk road all the way until the 18th century. You can also write about how Central Asia became a mix of Persian, Turkish, and Chinese cultures because the road travelled through it. You can also write about how many of the Persian-founded towns such as Samarkand, Merv, and so on were created because of the road and how they were never fully restored after Chinngis Khan.

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