What should I improve to get into New York University?

I haven't taken my SAT or ACT yet so just give me an idea.

I had the worst transition from middle school to high school. The social ranking, surrounding myself with the wrong people. It was absolutely horrible.

My gpa ended up being a 2.3 :( Cumulative GPA

I did one extracurricular. Track & Field.

I know. I know.

My sophomore year I took all honors courses first semester. GPA was a 3.3

I joined DECA, Institute of a Community Leadership, KEY Club, SHADES (Diversity Club) and I'm in Track & Field. I'm in my second semester and I have about a 3.5 to 3.6. I've done over 50 hours of community service. I'm still pushing though.

I'm entering my junior year and these are the classes I'm signing up for.

Japanese 3-4

Studio Photography 2

Multicultural American Literature

AP English Language and Composition

AP U.S. History

AP Chemistry

Algebra 3-4 ( i already took 1-2 and geometry 1-2 )

I'm going to do all of the same clubs above and the Future Business Leaders of America club and the Enviromental Action Club and I'm applying for a position at the Nordstrom BP Fashion Board and I'm applying for a position part time to work at JoAnn's.

Both of my parents are Nigerian. Full name is Eli-Lilly Titi Osage Woke Yakubu. I'm really going to try to achieve a 4.0 my junior even if it means a very small social life. I'm also going to try to get tutoring for AP Chemistry because I hate science.

I want to go to Stern for Advertising or Public or CAS for Communications. I want to because a Publicist and own a PR Firm.

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    It sounds like you've really turned yourself around from your freshman year, & they'll definitely enjoy seeing that. Keep pushing yourself. Those AP classes you're going to take next year are great. They definitely will want to see that you're challenging yourself & doing well. Also they really like to see activities, & a variety of them so keep those up. Also, do a lot of community service. It sounds like you're in good shape, just need to keep pushing yourself & do well on those SAT's.

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