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why did hitler use the jews as a scapegoat?

i need the reason why he used them as a scapegoat for an essay

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  • Mike W
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    Antisemitism existed in Europe long before he ever came to power. Germany, as the rest of the world was experiencing hard times, economically, and many people were blaming the Jews for their problems. He just took something that already existed, made it organized, and used it to unite the people of Germany. The German people needed a common enemy, and he provided them with one.

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    Follow the money. Hitler was a ne'er do well failed artist, angry at the world~ a sociopath. Hitler, who was Austrian was broke and failed and he blamed his sorry lot in life on Jews as a group. Apparently many agreed with him..enough to get a movement started as he was charismatic and larger than life. In Germany, in particular, people liked what they heard, so he was able to gain a foothold. Hitler flew his own plane and dropped antisemitic leaflets all over Germany. He'd pick an area to drop the leaflets and then he'd show up in person, landing the plane in a field, hop out of his plane and he was able to WOW the people. When his plane flew by, Germans would run out and wave to him, hoping he might land in their town. Hitler used Jews as a Scapegoat BECAUSE HE COULD. It's that simple. Terrifying, ain't it? realize it's that easy to so quickly label and dehumanize a group of people and have the rest of the world turn their backs, until, of course, Hitler came for them, too. It never ceases to blow my mind that Hitler was considered a good guy, even by Churchill and other world leaders and big money folks until, of course, he bit off the hands that fed him money and invaded countries whose leaders had initially thought Hitler was an OK dude.

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    WWI just ended and money basically had no value anymore. Hitler needed to get everyone on his side and the best and fastest way to do that was to find someone to blame why everyone had no money left, since the "dollar" had no value. Most banks were owned/operated by Jewish people. So, his short self gets up on a step stool and tells everyone that the reason why they are all broke is because the Jews are in the banks. People don't want to fess up or accept anything else so they believe him and back him up. So then a war breaks out in Germany and spreads to England, and eventually to USA on Pear Harbor Day. Hitler made a simple, yet close-minded definition of who/what a Jew was. That definition was dark hair and dark eyes. Hitler obviously liked blondes with blue eyes even though he was dark haired and had dark eyes. Fast forward a little and he ends up dying in a fight in France with his assistant.

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    You should simply google and do the research on your own for this essay.

    It IS a Saturday Night after all. Why don't you spend 10 minutes or so doing some research, take some notes, and THEN write your essay instead of having us tell you what to write?

    Ironically it is actually a LOT faster to type in Google and search for it than it is to waste points asking this question on Yahoo Answers.

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    I think he had some resentments against his father. There were rumors his father was part Jewish. These are things I've heard in various sources. I found two Internet articles that seem to confirm this. I don't know if this was the reason. I don't know if anyone can know for sure, but here are a few places to start.

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    most the world banks controlling the economy were owned by jews and Hitler believed they caused the fall of Germany since they controlled the economy

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