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Does the confederate represent flag slavery?

or states rights? I thought the civil war was predominantly fought more over states rights than actual slavery...........


Sorry, my wording got mixed up there! confederate FLAG represent slavery.

But was the civil war not from the southern perspective about their rights as a state?

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    Hello ,

    Nope . The stars represents the Lower States . Also called the Confederate Battle Flag . A symbol of heritage and the freedom of the distinct cultural tradition of the South from the oppression of Northern government . Nothing to do with slavery . Besides ... Abraham Lincolns proposal of the Civil War was to straighten out complications regarding runaway slaves and returning them to their masters , however this was getting complicated rapidly and the deal with the South was to fight over the middle states between the South and the North area as to what to do with the slaves in those regions . The Slaves in the already established Plantations were not to be concerned . Abraham Lincoln has no intentions to free Slaves in the Lower States . The Civil War has never been fully explained to very many people . These were the days of Industrial factory and sales and prosperity and greed .

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    While the civil war was fought over states rights, the rights that were being fought over, were the rights to hold slaves. Whether or not it started out that way, it ended up being about slavery. Frankly, there are some (some idiots if you ask me) who like to think that the confederate flag is a symbol of "the south", but to most it is a flag that promotes slavery. I've seen some flags that took the confederate "stars and bars" and redid it in traditional African colors (for example, the NuSouth flag). These flags make the statement "I am for the south, but I reject slavery". If you wanted to promote the south, but not promote slavery, then you would fly one of these flags and not the confederate flag.

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    Nope it's a battle flag and represents a colossal loss of life during the Civil War which, wasn't about slavery but became that way. The War of Northern Aggression was about states' rights not slavery.

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    The Confederate flag represents state rights, rebellion, and it's a symbol of freedom from an overstepping, strong, pushy, centralized government. It does not represent slavery.

    It's merely a symbol. What I wrote is what it means to me. Some see it as slavery. Some do not.

    Does the swastika (flag of the Third Reich) represent anti-semitism? No. It's merely a symbol.

    I'm sure some people felt the same way about the Union Jack (flag of the UK) after the American Revolution.

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    Yes but you need to recall the big deal was slavery. States' rights played a major role but it wasn't the cause. The Confederate Flag does represent slavery and was used to defend it.

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    The Confederate flag represents state rights...

    It does not represent slavery..


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    It depends upon your viewpoint. I am a southerner and grew up with that heritage. I have many ancestors who fought for the Confederacy, and, I'm not all ashamed of that. I was raised to be racist, that's just the way is was in Arkansas in the 50's. I'm sorry for that now. The confederate flag, in today's world represents bigotry. I see them most everyday on license plates or stickers. It is a sign of ignorance, in my opinion. Racism is still alive and sick on both sides. To quote Rodney King, "Why can't we all just get along?"

    Source(s): 64 y/o white guy
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    Well historically, according to my liberal history teacher: the North was only giving the slaves the right to vote in order to suppress the vote of the white southerners. It was about Northern whites controlling Southern whites, since there was a greater concentration of blacks in the south due to plantations. When slaves had the right to vote it later formed into civil rights, but it was not originally about slavery and rights. So no, the confederacy formed in rebellion against the North.

    Source(s): History class, talked about it two weeks ago as a matter of fact (heheh).
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    i think of that should remember on whom you're chatting with. some human beings allow you to comprehend particular it truly is all approximately slavery. some allow you to comprehend it stands for states rights and private freedoms. as a results of fact the point for the flag IE: the accomplice States of u . s . of america. no longer exists as a usa, i in my view do no longer in all probability think of it stands for something anymore. it truly is basically a trend dyed right into a chunk of cloth. You do comprehend that there have been slaves interior the north at one time additionally good? by using that way of thinking u . s . of america flag ought to stand for slavery additionally. Oh after which you look on the undeniable fact that we as a usa seceded from england and you have the undeniable fact that the yank flag ought to stand for sedition.. See it truly is all in perspective.. properly and the undeniable fact that the victor wrights history...

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    Yes. The confederate flag is offensive and represents the shameful bigoted values of conservative southerners.

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