Do I have any chance of going to NYU?

I haven't taken my SAT or ACT yet so just give me an idea.

I had the worst transition from middle school to high school. The social ranking, surrounding myself with the wrong people. It was absolutely horrible.

My gpa ended up being a 2.3 :( Cumulative GPA

I did one extracurricular. Track & Field.

I know. I know.

My sophomore year I took all honors courses first semester was a 3.3

I joined DECA, Institute of a Community Leadership, KEY Club, SHADES (Diversity Club) and I'm in Track & Field. I'm in my second semester and I have about a 3.5 to 3.6

I'm entering my junior year and signing up for classes for my junior year.

I'm taking Japanese (2nd Year)

Studio Photography

Multicultural American Literature

AP English Language and Composition

AP U.S. History

Chemistry (im thinking about taking AP Chemistry )

Algebra 3-4 ( i already took 1-2 and geometry 1-2 )

Everybody says your junior year is the toughest because at my school we have the junior project which consists of a lot of community service, job shadowing, and a whole list of misc. requirements.

I'm going to do all of the same clubs above and the Future Business Leaders of America club and the Enviromental Action Club and I'm applying for a position at the Nordstrom BP Fashion Board and I'm applying for a position part time to work at JoAnn's

Both of my parents are Nigerian. Full name is Eli-Lilly Titi Osage Woke Yakubu.

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    10 years ago
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    As the first answerer already mentioned it is a long shot. But don't give up. Maybe working hard your Junior and Senior year will bring up your GPA tremendously. And we can't really make any assupmtions based solely on the information you gave us. Universities take into account: extracurricular activities, community service, GPA, your personal essay, ACT/SAT scores... well.. simply how you present yourself on paper.

    I was accepted to NYU and I ended up not attending because of their financial aid program. It just wasn't right for me. So don't set your heart into only one school...

    My advice to you would be to keep working hard and don't give up... you never know with these types of schools... they might find something unique in you that no other student posseses.

    Anything's possible :)

    I wish you good luck!

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    Unfortunately I seriously doubt you'd be able to get into that school because of such a low gpa (ive known people with much higher gpa's and were rejected) . However the fact that you are culturally diverse and the amount extracurriculars might boost your chances a bit. I say if you really have your heart on that school make sure you do STELLAR on the SATs/ACTs and take a harder workload if possible. I know more Ap's is tough but try taking the easy ones like AP Psychology or AP Environmental Science. I hope this helps :/

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    Sats are a HUGE element - of direction. I suppose anything that could be a tremendous booster could be for those who did extra extracurricular pursuits. Clubs. Teams. Anything. But on the other hand, hundreds and hundreds of individuals reap NYU specifications. In order to differentiate who will get in and who doesnt, they appear for the above and past. Otherwise, your possibilities are simply as well as a coin toss.... LITERALLY.

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    I am also looking at NYU and have a 3.55 and play varsity rugby, but no other extra curricular activities like you. As long as you do the same your junior year( around a 3.6)and get around a 1800-1900 on your SAT and high 20's on your ACT you should get in pretty easily.....especially since your not white (freshman year doesnt mean ****) 35% of applicants get in.

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    its a long shot but one never truly knows the outcome of these things just do better in school do well on ur sat/act and hope for the best

  • My advice would be to try to pull a 4.0 for a semester to show them you can.

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