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Where to Buy Shoe Goo?

Some one posted the same question earlier, and the answers were: Walmart and any running store.

This is not true (at least in my area). I've tried Walmart, Target, and Kmart with no luck.

Can some one please help?


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    I've also wasted a lot of time searching for shoe goo at some of department stores near me. Your best bet is to buy it from a reliable site online.

    Go to http://www.where-to-buy-shoe-goo.com - probably created by a frustrated searcher.

    It's a simple website, but has a lot of information about shoe goo.

    You'll find some online retailers with prices for all shoe goo products such as:

    eBay.com - $3.95

    Holabird Sports, LLC - $3.95

    GiftsUnder25.com - $4.15

    CreateForLess - $4.69

    CampingSurvival.com - $4.95

    SageSport.com - $4.95

    Bobwards.com - $4.99

    PetesDepot.com - $5.49

    NothingButHardware.com - $5.49

    Amazon.com Marketplace - $5.69

    Dick Pond Athletics, Inc - $5.95

    MegaHardwareStore.com - $5.99

    Amazon.com Marketplace - $5.99

    Ambient Weather - $6.50

    Freestyleshop - $6.50

    MyCyclingGear.com - $6.95

    Ronjons.com - $6.95

    TriVillage.com - $6.95

    German Shoe Repair - $6.99

    HotBookSale.com - $7.84

    BeWild.Com - $7.99

    Title Boxing - $9.99

    Amazon.com - $12.47

    Amazon.com Marketplace - $12.50

    RC-Mushroom.com - $13.60

    Unbeatable Sale - $15.50

    I bought mine at ebay.com - there are dozens of shoe goo sellers with great feedback. One bottle costed me around $6 (includes S/H).

    Great product - easily saved me a bundle fixing up a crack at the bottom of my sole for one of my shoes. Trust me, it's better to get it online - you'll get a great price and it'll take only a few days for shipping. Don't bother driving from store to store - you'll only be wasting your time.

    I hope this helps~

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      The domain is for sale --- this is spam.

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    Buy Shoe Goo here:


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    10 years ago

    i've sween it at Dick's and another place, tho i don't recall off the top of my head.

    this stuff is amazing. i glued a business/company multi-line (heavy w/ heavy use) phone to a concrete wall and it stayed there for 4 years...

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    In my area local skate shops have it as well as Walmart and Ace Hardware

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    You can fix anything with that stuff and it will last nearly forever. More useful than Duct Tape.

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    3 years ago

    It depends on many things

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    Go to walmart (or any other store like walmart) and shoe stores. If they dont have it ask them if they can order it. or you can get it here http://shop.ccs.com/product/model:124202/sku:61-35... or any other place online. Hope that helped!

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    Sorry, not sure about this

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    DSW ?

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