For pursuing a career in FBI/CIA, should I enlist or become an officer? (in USMC)?

I'm currently a sophomore in college pursuing a degree in business administration, and I want to do either the FBI or the CIA as my main career goal. I've been considering either enlisting or doing Platoon Leader's Class, even as early as this summer. I'm just wondering how valuable military experience in the Marines, whether enlisted or officer, will be to my career goal? And if it is valuable, should I definitely go officer over enlisted? Should I start PLC this summer and do it in two summers, or wait until next summer and do the ten weeks all together?

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  • 10 years ago
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    Since Business Administration isn't exactly the best major they are interested in (Accounting, Biology, etc. are more in demand.) joining the military will most likely boost you're resume.

    The fact that you understand discipline, have leadership skills and you know how to operate a firearm can give you and edge above applicants coming from the civilian sector.

    Personally, I wouldn't because the military has some benefits, but there is a set of negatives that go along with it. No matter how they try to sugar-coat it by throwing in stipends, bonuses and freedom; the military WILL OWN you for the time frame that you sign.

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    Wow! A nineteen year previous lady with a level in English that desires to be interior the USMC. That assertion is at ultimate puzzling. Now, i'm specific that there are distinctive useful Marine Corps officers obtainable with stages in English, yet I in simple terms ask your self whether you recognize what you have become your self into. in case you circulate enlisted you is normally far greater desirable knowledgeable than your 19 year previous friends, and the overpowering majority will say "Why are you enlisted in case you have a level?" And so will you! you will examine out the officers and picture "I quite have the comparable guidance as you!" in case you circulate officer you would be envisioned to lead troops. extreme stuff. Are you waiting for that? you're patently very bright, why do no longer you get your Masters in a container that's obtainable interior the armed forces and are available to a call once you end? you're in an extremely unique place for a 19 year previous, i'm no longer able to think of which you'll be chuffed as an enlisted member, and that i'm no longer able to think of which you have the adulthood to be an officer interior the Marines. i'm sorry if it is harsh, yet i think of you will possibly desire to step lower back and take it sluggish and picture approximately this a splash greater.

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    10 years ago

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    All military or police service is highly regarded and important to those wanting to work for the FBI or CIA. Good for you.

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