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is there going to be cloverfield 2?

i was thinking of cloverfield and how it ended and it was wondering if there's going to be cloverfield 2

if heard there is going to be mainly cause the first part those 2 actors didn't die and you didn't see the monster die

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    To quote wikipedia


    In January 2010, J.J Abrams confirmed that a sequel is 'in development'.

    On March 14th, 2010, an IMDB page for the sequel was created. Another indication that the movie is in development.


    Thanks for bringing this to my attention - I shall now be looking forward to it;)

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    I have read a lot about this and so far it is just in talks.. But I guess now it is confirmed?! With a release of 2011.

    His ideas for a sequel revolve around the scene on the bridge when Hud films another random man holding a camera. He was saying that there could have been so many other point of views of that particular night. J.J. Abrams was also thinking about doing a possible prequel to the movie.

    Here's his most recent talk about it, from a few days ago:

    On January 18th, 2008, "Cloverfield" wreaked havoc upon the citizens of New York City and theatergoers nationwide — and it left fans of horror and monster movies wanting more. But given the secretive nature that surrounded the J.J. Abrams-produced project, there have been very few words offered on the status of a possible "Cloverfield" sequel.

    Over the weekend at South By Southwest, MTV's very own Josh Horowitz had the opportunity to speak with "Cloverfield" director Matt Reeves about the status of a sequel to the 2008 thriller.

    "I can tell you nothing, [but] there are these spikes in activity," he said when asked about a second "Cloverfield" movie. "There are things that we keep talking about and things spike up. It very well may happen."

    Reeves said that the current core group of "Cloverfield" thinkers consists of himself, Abrams, producer Bryan Burk and screenwriter Drew Goddard, though "there are other people who may get involved as well." Still, the director cautioned fans to remain patient, as it would take some time for "Cloverfield 2" to hit theaters.

    "There's a personal project that J.J. is about to do," he said. "J.J. is in the early stages of what he's doing and he's getting consumed by it. The amazing thing about J.J. — when I get into something, I get tunnel vision. He's amazing at focusing but also amazing at multitasking."

    Despite Abrams' hectic schedule and Reeves' own hefty workload — he's currently in post-production on "Let Me In," the vampire thriller starring Chloe Moretz and Kodi Smit-McPhee — the director said that "there are constant talks about" pursuing a "Cloverfield" sequel.

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    They originally said there would be when the 1st film was released. In the scene where they are on the bridge you see another man with a camera, he falls off with one of the main characters brother. The second film is supposed to follow them.

    Not sure if that is still the plan but ti was the idea when the 1st movie was made.

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    i think of cloverfield 2 (in the event that they make it) might desire to be the comparable nighttime, different than from a distinctive perspective. it may be somebody closer to the monster, so as that the monster gets greater desirable than 6 minutes of show time (that's how plenty show time it have been given in cloverfield). additionally, it may be advantageous in the event that they confirmed it from the perspective of the two somebody from the armed forces or somebody who works with tagruato (that's the corporation that performs a huge section interior the cloverfield ARG). quite, rob exchange into going to artwork with tagruato, so in line with danger... additionally, i think of it won't be the monster attacking a clean city, simply by fact it may be greater of the comparable from the 1st action picture. and greater of the comparable isn't probably jj abrahm's subject.

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    yeah it was officially announced a few months ago

    they had a mistaken poster fiasco

    Source(s): ign.com i forget which article it was but if you type in "cloverfield" youll see it
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    i cant see how they would do it...

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