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i really believe that there are Zionists here watching and reporting, don't you think so?

When i or someone else ask or saya a fact about Israelis, Jews or Zionists. i/he/she gets reported.


that happens when we say something about their being Killers, War Makers, destruction, making killing grounds and expelling people from Palestine, or when we tell how they control the media in the U.S and Europe. and that they make every destruction in the world. when we post how they try to raze al Aqsa and make another Intifadah. and so and so.

i know this is gonna get reported. but Aint that so frustrating. where are the free American People?


the U.S sends Tons of Millions to Israel every week along with the corporations in the U.S whereas the American people need everyhelp to their society.

they support them with Weapons and Planes.

they let Aipac controls the capitalism.and their economy.

Update 2:

that is right fe!

there are good Jews who seeks and develop peace. like those in NY.

but the majority are real ugly bad people.

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    ABSOLUTELY. Zionists & Hindu fascists of VHP brand Indians are doing so with close co-ordination. These two groups together were responsible for WTC attack on 9/11 & were involved in hostile propagand wars on Muslims at large immediately afterwards. Most of world electronic media are in the hands of Zionists & Indian fascists are fully utilising them aiming against Islamic world little realising that Arabs can stop selling oil to India & the west & all Islamic nations can ban their air space & coastlines to them to & crumle their defences & business in no time. The west will die with shivering within a week. So, they must not overexploit tremendous courtesy of Arabs by getting very cheap Arab Islamic oil which is sole responsible for entire so called development of the west(because of Muslims' world).

    There are many big gangs doing that & getting active support including heavy payments too, I've detected.

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    Why do muslims seem to be paranoid about Jews? Jews dont control the world and not all Jews are Zionists. Some Jews advocate peace and have even written books in argument for the palestinian people, but clearly as soon as a muslim sees anything related to the word Jew, immediately its deemed suspicious

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    they imagine you're stupid adequate to believe this bluff. A Palestinian identity did not exist until eventually an opposing rigidity created it -- frequently anti-Zionism. competition to a non-Muslim nationalism on what community Arabs, and the full Arab international, view as their own turf, grow to be the in undemanding words expression of 'Palestinian peoplehood.' The Grand Mufti Hajj Amin al-Husseini, a charismatic non secular chief and radical anti-Zionist grow to be the shifting rigidity in the back of competition to Jewish immigration interior the Nineteen 1920s and Nineteen Thirties. both-pronged mind-set of the "international family contributors of Rejection" (of Zionism) and the violence the Mufti incited befell mutually Lebanon, Syria, Transjordan and Iraq grew to grow to be countries interior the put up-Ottoman reshuffling of territories popular by technique of the British and the French less than the League of united states's mandate gadget. The tiny knowledgeable classification between the Arabs of Palestine grow to be more desirable politically conscious than something else of Arab society, with the inklings of a separate nationwide identity. although, for decades, the conventional body of reference for most community Arabs grow to be the prolonged family contributors or tribe, faith and sect, and village of foundation. If Arabs in Palestine defined themselves politically, it grow to be as "southern Syrians." less than Ottoman rule, Syria stated a area a lot larger than the Syrian Arab Republic of immediately, with borders popular by technique of France and England in 1920. .

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    Never noticed it, if they do.

    They are not killers: they sent notices to Palestinians to leave their homes but Hamas wouldn't let them. The Palestinians shoot rockets from schools and buildings with women and children in them. They convert donated ambulances into army transport. They teach their children hatred and train them to be shahid from infancy. Go to to see how they raise their children.

    Jerusalem was ethnically cleansed of Jews in 1948, and now Palestians are angry because the Jews want to reopen a synagogue that is hundreds of years old that was destroyed in 1948. The holy places of Christianity and Judaism are not respected. Nobody is trying to raze al-Aqsa. You are being paranoid.

    Find out about churches and synagogues in Jerusalem that have been destroyed before whining about supposed threats.

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    Yh, zionists, freemasons, or other idiots.

    I hate it when i get reported, all my q`s neva show, but wn i click on ma profile i see them there normal. I bet yahoo does this.

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    I think that a question that goes against YA guidelines gets deleted, and insulting other members is against the rules isnt it.

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    they can report me as much as they like it's not going to keep me from posting the truth, i think poster Tom is one of them every time I comment on his questions I normally get a violation for saying he is a liar and to provide proof of his lame debating lies. and that other poster butterfly same with her!

    i agree though that a bunch of zionist jews are watching why do u think they call it yahoo? stands for Yahoodi=jew Lol

    i wont be surprised if this question is deleted.

    lol @ saada I'll see you there u ask the first question then I go next :) im serious!

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    Oh please stop being paranoid, in this section anyone who asks a negative question about islam or criticizes it is called a troll, lied about, insulted, cursed at and threatened not to mention getting our q's and a's reported by a bunch of big cry babies.

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    Those people are just defensive. They don't actually read the question they just take offense .. that is religious people for you: CLOSED-MINDED, being the main reason why they are able to commit the crimes they do.

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    you probably right. We don't fully grasp the degree of what extent certain people will go to accomplish their aims. I never had personal experience with this but I don't find it far fetched because people can be so evil and twisted and they love playing mind games. Allah protect us all from evil

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