I own a small business & I utilize three phone lines (including a fax line) & I am looking to replace the company (Verizon in California) due to their high cost & lack of transparency in doing business. It's a constant nickel & dime scenario, lack of accountability & their monopoly on the telecommunication business within a mark territory.

I have heard of, Vonage, however I am not sure what to do. I am fed up with these monopoly companies. As a small business owner & trying to raise a family it gets very stressful with all the high cost associated with maintaining the business. Thank you & I sincerely appreciate your input. Steven,

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    what monopoly? monopoly implies that there is no competition...

    there is plenty of competition in the communications industry - first off, since the RBOCs like verizon wanted to get into the long distance market, they were required to open the local market to competition, so there are many CLEC resellers who will provide you with land line service (they are licensed per state, so you should find a listing of CLECs within your state)

    then there is VoIP providers, two of which you mentioned... I would not recommend magic jack for business.. vonage is a better option, but you should consider a VoIP provider that offers hosted PBX if you really want to get the most from upgrading to VoIP... you should keep 1 land line phone for the fax machine... this could be your DSL internet line...

    or you could go with the phone service and internet provided by the local cable company... the price is better than traditional land line prices, but not usually as cheap as many SIP/VoIP providers, but the QoS is far superior to most VoIP services..

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