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Air Force Reserve job issue? Enlisting!?

I've gone through the entire MEPS process already and yesterday i got to choose which job i wanted. come to find out all the recruiter had available to me was..

Electrical Power Production, Air Transportation, Water and Fuel Systems.

I really want to join the Air Force and I've had top 10 choices all along. but after seeing my available options I'm not so sure anymore. I don't want to regret this whole process. Should i suck it up and wait down the line to get another career? I haven't sworn in yet, not until HIV results come back.

I really to go for PJ i know i would pass the PAST no problem but the recruiter said i cant even try because i don't have an EMT certification.. is this true??

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    Don't listen to Jeeper, I have to correct him on just about every question he answers. His ego is larger than his knowledge.

    You can join a RQS or STS unit in the Reserves/Guard regardless of where you live. Why? Well, because these are specialized units and they don't limit their potential recruit base to the state they are in. We have guys that live in Maine but are members of a unit in CA. As long as you can make your drills (they aren't necessarily 2 days a month, 2 weeks a year .. it requires a bit more commitment than your average reserve one) then you're good to go.

    As for your recruiter, he is a moron and you need to find a new one. Pararescue does not require one to be an EMT. All of our trainees are trained to the EMT-P civilian standard (though our training goes far beyond just that), so providing you make it through indoc, you will become an EMT-P upon completion of the medical portion of the training pipeline.

    It's great that you can pass the PAST, but can you pass it twice in a row with one score a max and the other close? If not, go work out, you need more preparation. The PAST is a BASIC measure of fitness, so be sure you're in better shape than what the PAST indicates you need (even for the max scores.) Also, have you spent time in the pool preparing? If not, you need to.

    I want you to go over to www.specialtactics.com and read through the site, everything you can on Pararescue. Then, I want you to go to the contact numbers and call one of our PJ recruiters, tell him the situation with your recruiter and give him your recruiter's contact information. Next time you see your recruiter, bring the PJ recruiter's contact information and tell him to call. He will set your recruiter straight. Print out the requirements to contract for PJ and take it to him as well.

    If he still can't grasp the concept, see another recruiter.

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    The reserves isn't like active duty, you cannot do any AFSC you want to do.

    You can only do the AFSC's that are available at the reserve base located near where you live.

    There are only two reserve PJ units, one in cali and one in alabama, if you don't live near them, then you cannot do the job.

    Your confusing active duty with reserves.

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