can you still breed Ditto with any pokemon is soulsilver?

I tried to breed Ditto with Togepi and the daycare guy said they didnt like eachother. So i just assumed that togepi couldn't breed. Then i tried to breed with my Ditto and Croconaw. The daycare guy says they don't like eachother either. Did they change some things?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    ditto can breed WITH ALMOST ANY POKEMON, EXCEPT for a few , includes togepi. It can breed with croconow just that it will take longer, the more they like each other the faster the egg arrives.

    This list tells you what pokemon are unable to breed with ditto

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    1 decade ago

    No. You can breed pokemon even if it says they don't like each other, you just have a less percentage of getting an egg. You CAN'T breed with Togepi because Togepi is considered a baby pokemon. However, if you evolve Togepi, then you can breed it. Hope this helped you out. ;D

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