help!!!!!!!! im playing the game Pokemon SoulSilver?

How do I can get into to Cinnabar Island from Fuchsia City?? There are two workers stand there and the road is closed for construction.

yes, it's in Kanto.

Helpppp! i still struggling! if you help me and will give you full best 5 stars! i promised!

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    First of all your not supposed to go from there you have to go from pallet town but you need to get snorlax out of diglett cave right. You need to go to lavender town or something like that and talk to a gentleman in a big tower and he'll give you a card to listen to music in kanto. Then, go back to the Snorlax and go to your radio in the pokegear or something like that. try finding poke flute in the radio at the top and talk to the snorlax. It will wake up at lv 50. Get past digglet cave and beat brock if you want. go down to pallet town and surf downward. you'll find cinnibar island but no one is there except gary and a poke canter. Gary says that a volcano erupted and now the whole town moved to seafoam island. Go there and take the ladder way (you'll know what i mean when your there). This gym is fire so i suggest you get ground or water types. Good luck!

    Source(s): Youtube- guy called lightdarkneutral. He really helped me!
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