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guy doesn't like me back?

i've known this guy for years and we used to talk about lots of stuff, almost everything. however months ago he started to ignore me and didnt talk much when i start a convo with him. he also never talks to me first anymore, and some people told him i like him. i still like him, what should i do? i feel like i lost my best friend.

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    Why don't you ask him? Don't go on "he said, she said." Talk to him and ask why he doesn't talk to you anymore. It's possible that he likes you and knows not how to express it so distancing himself is how he thinks it'll work. If he doesn't want to talk about it and doesn't mention anything about having been told you like him, leave it alone. Sometimes people go through stages where they want their space from people or he's going through something in his life and wants his space. Talk to someone he talks to regularly and see what you can find out. When having a conversation with him, ask about why you all don't talk anymore and see what he says. You can find out a lot about a person by just listening. If he won't tell and doesn't want to talk, leave him be. If you all are still friends, then he'll come around when he's ready. I know it'll hurt, but it's best to leave him alone and let him explain in his timing and not yours. See what you can find out and think of ways to make him feel better and start up the friendship again. Hope this helps.

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