What is the purpose of a King?

When the people demanded Samuel appoint a King, what were they looking for in a leader?

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    protection from there enemies.... the babylonians and the greeks and the persians were all to willing to take over the land of Israel....

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    The purpose of a King is to judge,to lead, to guide and protect the people of his kingdom.

    The people of Israel of whom God was there King, wanted to be like the heathen nations who put their trust in man and not in God. So they rejected the warning that God gave samuel to pass on to them in regards to choosing a man to be there king to rule over them.

    Source(s): 1 Samuel 8
  • RC
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    Someone to displace God as their King. Someone who could make them like the other nations around them, instead of being a nation who's distinction was that of being the only genuine theocracy in the history of the world. 1Samuel 8:7

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    they were thinking they would be more secure and not stand out as savages if their government was more like the other ones from that area. the bible doesn't say those were the reasons, but they had to have been a factor.

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    Don't woory about the Bronze Age ideas of 12 warring tribes.

    God is not real.

    Now, how are you going to live your life?

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