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For Human Resource management

I want to ask the reasons why training is essential to employees in HRM company.

Please help and thx~

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  • Mick
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    1 decade ago
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    Training is essential to employees for the following reasons.

    It provides the employees the necessary skills for them to perform their job effectively. This has an immediate focus.

    In the longer term, training equips the employees with the desired skills in order for the organisation (or the department) to attain its business objectives.

    As an ongoing process, training enables employees to refresh their skills. This is to reinforce the critical knowledge and skills that are transferred to the employees. Secondly, it ensures that what has been learnt will not be forgot


    2010-03-23 15:07:25 補充:

    Oh, I did not refer to any literature. I answered your question from the knowledge I gained during my HRM studies and from my working experience.

    2010-04-04 14:49:30 補充:

    garygolfhk, below is the textbook I used during my HRM studies. If you really need some reference, you may quote it.

    DeSimone, R.L., Werner, J.M. and Harris, D.M. (2002). Human Resource Development (3rd ed.). Ohio: South-Western.

  • 1 decade ago

    can you give me the reference which the information you found?

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