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Are Filipinos stubborn? Is this attitude keeping the Philippines a poor country?

Just wondering about Filipinos and whether or not they are just stubborn people. It seems as though when you tell them something that they just don't want to listen. Even if they are completely wrong about something they just get mad and refuse to listen to you.

It seems as though this stubborn attitude of the people has hampered the country's ability to grow. For example, Communist China didn't want anything to do with Capitalism and Western culture. However over the years China has adapted "Western Capitalism" (in some respects) and their economy is thriving, even to the point where they will be the world's next super-power. Of course they kept their traditional ways but have changed their lifestyles to move forward. In fact most Asian countries (China, S.Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan) have changed their ways and have progresses over the years.

However, Filipinos seem to be really stubborn when you tell them to change their ways for the better. When you tell Filipinos to do things differently they seem to have this attitude of why should we do things differently? Why do we have to cater to what other countries do? Why should we give up our pride because of what others tell us? Yet Filipinos have this stubborn sense of pride, yet the rest of the Asian countries have moved forward while the Philippines just seems to go in circles. A lot of the masses just seem to be stubborn and would rather be poor but still have their pride.

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    No. most Filipinos are un-educated and the upper class are trying to keep them that way for their own benefit. By keeping the poorer Filipinos uneducated, the upper class can get all the money.

    • this is probably the most uneducated answer on this post

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    Although the Filipino "tigas ng ulo" ( hard headed ) attitude is very common so I understand your question I do NOT believe this attitude is dominant nor the primary reason for widespread poverty in the Philippines. After living here so many years I have come to believe the widespread happiness and contentment amongst Filipinos whether rich or poor leads to such poverty. Of course there are many other reasons like both local and international politics where it's probably in the interest of USA foreign policy and the Filipino wealthy, educated abroad elite that the Philippines remains a developing nation aka "third world" poor country.

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    In Philippines, there is no such thing as constructive criticism. If Filipinos get criticized, instead of doing better, they would burst to anger and their replies would become really illogical (ad hominem is very common).

    There was one incident when a journalist from Hongkong commented that the Philippines was a country of servants(maids, nurses, caregivers, etc). This was a painful truth. But actually it was a wake up call for Filipinos that the government is making people the largest export. instead Filipinos get angry at that Hongkong journalist instead of the government. So the government continue encouraging people to work abroad because they receive no complains. So Filipinos continue to be servants of other nations.

    Freddie Aguilar also reminded some top Filipino singers not to be monkeys. These Filipino singers are known to revive a lot of American songs and imitate American voices. They always copy and have no originality. 'Monkey see monkey do'. The entire incident was another wake up call for Filipinos about their lack of originality and creativity. and as usual, Freddie Aguilar was nailed to the cross.

    About our neighbors. They progress because they were nationalistic first then they globalized. But the Philippines she started to go globalized when she was not yet nationalistic to begin with. As a result, when foreign goods(movies, electronics, clothing, books etc.) arrived they were chosen instead of the local products.

    There is an old Chinese saying.

    "when one points the moon, the fool stares the finger"

    Filipinos always miss the point. hehe.

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    Not all filipino are stubborn or maybe youre just annoying, how do you feel if someone and your own people are comparing you to chinese ,and how do you feel if someone is telling you what to do, the reason why Philippines is poor is because of non stop corruption in the government, if we can only have the right leader I believe Philippines will be a better country than any other asian country

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    No, what is keeping the country poor? Here is just a few of them:

    1) Widespread corruption, especially in the government

    2) Excessive rules and regulations that give the Nation a failing score in the Index of Economic Freedom (I.E.F.), scare away foreign investors, and stifle local enterprise

    3) A 'justice' system that can easily be bought by money and swayed by politicians

    4) The best and brightest minds leaving the Nation to get jobs elsewhere 9also called 'brain drain')

    5) Resulting lack on nationalism ad love for country

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  • I should say we are (stupidly) stubborn, among the many misdirected attributes that could go many pages if we write them all. I feel sorry to say that. Any critique we dish out for purposes of discussion is met with jeers and derision. Just notice several answers here to your question. But, what the heck it is their right to say what's in their minds so they must be respected.

    Our progressive neighbors have their pride too, let us not forget that. But their love of country and the quest for economic success are backed by good deeds and the seeming unity of purpose as individual nations so they move ahead and with direction. Those are what we lack. And the 'malas' that came our way are mostly self inflicted, despite the many chances given to the people in having new leadership changes. As the popular saying goes, we shot ourselves in the foot again!

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    1 decade ago

    I'd say yes but it's not right to blame the poor entirely. What if you're in their shoes? Have you ever tried to live like a poor person for at least one day? I bet that you couldn't because you keep on targeting the lower kind of people. Haha! For the sake of the argument, yes, our country is one of the poorest nations in Asia and all our neighboring countries are striving forward and we're doing the opposite. You know what? The ones to blame here are the corrupt individuals who are feeding from the less fortunate. They are the educated ones but they use their wisdom in the wrong way. They're suppose to lead this nation to the brighter future but what are they doing? What are they in power for?


    I was not making any sense there. Sorry. How would poor people buy shoes if they couldn't feed themselves with their own money? Sorry again. My bad.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    NO, they are not stubborn!!! They just think that, for examples, if you say that they ARE stubborn, thay'll get mad because how you say it is like a bad thing or like a mean thing to say... They think like you make them feel that they have a bad influence or something, like what you said about the "it seems like as though...." Part on the first thing that you said.. I feel like what your saying is really not right so now Im mad, we have pride! We are strong! And we cannot like anyone say things that are not true! Wr cannot let someone take away who we are filipinos in a bad way so i get mad because what youre saying is not true!

    Source(s): Im a Filipina. :))
    • WE can tell cause you just don't get it.

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  • 6 years ago

    I might be a Filipino, but I still have a ton of common sense in me. Some of my schoolmates, however, are just plain stupider than hell.

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  • 1 decade ago

    i think filipino's just think of them self

    and that they would take money even it came from bad deeds

    they wont listen cause they are self fish

    i hope that change cause people

    there are not all like that and that they are suffering

    some people are just full of them self

    and deserve to be punish!

    Source(s): i live there
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