fasting blood glucose readings - pregnant?

I am 9 weeks pregnant. I got tested early for gestational diabetes because my grandmothers had it. Anyway, in my 3 hour glucose test - everything was normal except for my fasting glucose (92) which they said was higher than normal. They said it has to be 90 or lower for pregnant women. So now, I am on a diabetic diet and regularly monitoring my blood glucose level for fasting and 1 hr after every meal.

My after meal readings are always well within normal range even if i happened to eat a little too much. As for my fasting glucose readings - one morning i took it and it said 95 (high) but then i figured, since my daughter was crying and screaming and was in a great big hurry to take it, i repeated it (since the dietitian said we should not be stressed when we do the glucose monitor)about 15 mins later and got a result of 88 (normal). I tried it again this morning and got a result of 94 the first time and 88 the second time from another finger. I know glucose monitors give different results and its acceptable as long as the numbers are not far from each other. But in my case, the few difference in numbers spells the difference between what is considered normal and what is considered high. So how should i bring this up to the doctor in my next appointment and is it really necessary to be going through all this just because i am a few points elevated? in fact, in other hospitals' standards, my ranges would be considered all normal. Please give me some input. thanks :o)

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    Sweetheart ... and I offer that as a general term of endearment. It is NOT intended to be offensive, obnoxious, condescending, or sexist ... though, I must admit, I have yet to use it to an adult male, apart from my own two grown up sons and one of their friends who I've unofficially 'adopted' ... I'm in agreement with your dietitian. I'm sad that your team of doctors and nurses didn't explain things better to you as to why your blood sugar (glucose) level needs to be lower.

    Sadly, raised blood sugar levels put your unborn child at additional risk compared to the trauma that s/he is already going through.

    I'm quite convinced that the stress you seem to be experiencing from things not being properly explained to you will add to those risks.

    As you say yourself, with "other hospitals' standards", your blood sugar "ranges would be considered all normal." That's true, in that a non-diabetics fasting blood sugar level would normally be between 70 and 99 mg/dL. It's just that obstetric staff, in cahoots with their diabetes specialist colleagues know of the additional risks involved when a mother's blood sugar levels are higher than 'normal'.

    I would suggest that you be open with your doctor(s) and ask them to explain just why your blood sugar level needs to be so tightly controlled. You can mention the fact that you've already stated about different hospitals' standards with blood sugar level control, but I'm pretty sure you're going to get a similar explanation as to that I've offered. Don't let this put you off though. I firmly believe that knowledge puts you at the forefront of controlling the situation.

    Be well, dear lady ... and congratulations on your pregnancy. I truly do hope that everything goes according to plan.

    Blessed Be.

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    102 is NOT bad! Don't worry. It's is slightly high but every doctor has a different opinion on the numbers. Some say under 95 fasting, some under 100, some under 105, my last doctor said under 110 was fine. I really wouldn't worry about a 102. I had gestational diabetes with both of my kids and have hovered around the borderline since having my daughter. My fasting was 122 months ago and my doctor didn't classify me as diabetic. I think you will be ok, just monitor your diet if you are really concerned. I'm sure your doctor will be willing to send you to a nutritionist to discuss a diabetic diet if you asked. They break it down into very simple steps. Easy to follow rules for eating carbs. But I really don't think you have anything to worry about here. And just curious, can your doctor test your hemoglobin A1C to see if you are diabetic or is that not an option for you? It's just a blood test. Or would you be able to do a fasting blood draw, eat breakfast and come back and do a 1 hour blood draw in the second/ third trimester (when you are more likely to develop GD)

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  • Cammie
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    As every pregnancy continues, the woman's body requires more and more insulin.That is just a simple fact.

    Yes, you will have to take these tests again to make sure your levels have not gone up.

    It's not a case of I don't want to know. It is a medical necessity.

    If you sugar levels do raise, for your health and your baby's health are on the line.You may have to be treated later on.


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