What is pokemon EV training?

What is it and how do you do it?

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    The medicine you buy in stores (Carbos, Protein, HP Up, etc.) give your Pokemon EVs as well as the Pokemon you meet on your journey. Here is the easiest way I know how to explain it. I am using Diamond/Pearl as the example. Each of the Pokemon listed are found early in the game and each give 1 EV each. I use Pokemon with 1 EV because it's easier to keep up with. If you are using HG/SS or another game, go to Serebii and check the Pokemon EVs list to replace these guys with Pokemon you find early on in your particular game.

    HP - Bidoof

    Att - Shinx

    Def - Geodude

    Sp Att - Budew

    Sp Def - Lotad

    Spe - Magikarp

    If you're trying to EV-train, get a hold of the PKRS and the power items: Power Weight, Power Bracer, Power Belt, Power Lens, Power Band, and Power Anklet. Find the right natured Pokemon with the right IVs. There are IV calculators all over the internet. You can use Rare Candies to level them up to a proper level to get a better read with the calculators to see if your Pokemon is worth the trouble or not. Rare Candies don't mess with EVs (which is why they are often ignored), but it is okay to level up your Pokemon with them for the IV calculators to get a good read on your Pokemon's IVs. I do this, and I have a few Pokemon with maxed stats (31 IVs) even still.

    Lets use Ponyta as an example. Let's say she's Jolly, and you want to EV-train her in Speed and Attack.

    Step 01 - Give Ponyta the PKRS.

    Step 02 - Feed Ponyta 10 Carbos (Speed) and 10 Proteins (Attack).

    Step 03 - Give Ponyta a Power Anklet (Speed Booster).

    Step 04 - Fight 19 Shinx (They give 1 EV point in Attack each time you defeat one).

    Step 05 - Make sure you run away from any Pokemon that ISN'T Shinx.

    Step 06 - After 19 fights with Shinx, give Ponyta the Power Bracer (Attack Booster).

    Step 07 - Fight 9 more Shinx.

    Step 08 - Again, make sure you run away from any Pokemon that ISN'T Shinx.

    Step 09 - After those 9 extra battles, choose a stat to give 6 EVs to.

    Step 10 - Let's say you want 6 EVs in HP. Leave the Power Bracer on Ponyta and fight 3 Bidoof.

    With the PKRS and the Power Items, the number of EVs you receive is increased. If you train your Ponyta this way, then you will have 255 EVs in Speed, 255 EVs in Attack, and 6 EVs in HP. Depending on what stats you want to boost, replace the power items and Pokemon you fight with the ones above. Also, you may not want 255 EVs in two stats and 6 in another. For that, you'll have to do the math yourself.

    Finally, remember that 4 EVs = 1 extra point, so don't expect to see +255 beside a stat that you max out. Once the EVs are maxed out, you can get a ribbon from the lady in Sunyshore Market (in D/P), and they won't go any higher. Your Pokemon will still get points in each stat when it levels up though...just nothing extra.

    Hope this helps. You'll get the hang of it. It was confusing to me at first too.

    Source(s): http://serebii.net/games/evs.shtml - Effort Values (EVs) http://www.metalkid.info/Pokemon/Calculators/IV.as... - Individual Value (IV) Calculator http://marioheaven.limit-studios.com/viewtopic.php... - 6th post down is a great explanation.
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    Ok, so you know a pokemon's stats? Well, those are affected by Nature, EV, and IV.

    EV is the Effort Value you get from battling pokemon. So, say you battled a Macamp. A Machamp will give you 3 EV's towards your attack stat. If you battled a Machamp twice, all together you would have 6 EV's. Get what I mean? Anyways, when you level up, the max EVs that you can get towards that stat for that level up will be added. If you have a positive nature for your Attack stat, more EV's can be gained while EV training for your attack stat. EV training is battling the same pokemon over and over for the type and amount of EV's you gain during each battle. Also, IV's can affect this and can determine what pokemon is stronger in what stats. So, say you battled a Salamance with a Salamence at the same level. You attack with Dragon Pulse and it takes away half of the opponents HP. Your opponent attacks you with Dragon Pulse and your pokemon gets totally wiped out. This is because IV determines (similarly to natures) how strong a stat is and your Sp.Def stat was weaker than the opponent's.

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