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Two cars start moving from the same point. One travels south at 48 mi/h and the other travels west at 20 mi/h.?

At what rate is the distance between the cars increasing three hours later?

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  • iggy
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    1 decade ago
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    **distance from starting point car 1= c1

    distance= speed x time

    c1 = speed x time

    c1= 48t

    **distance form starting point car2=c2:


    to calculate the distance between c1 and c2 use pythagoras








    let be d12 =distance between c1 and c2 :

    using pithagoras

    (d12)^2 = (c1)^2 + (c2)^2

    d12 = sqr [c1^2 + c2^2]

    d12 =sqr(48^2t^2+20^2t^2)

    d12 =sqr(2304t^2 + 400t^2)

    d12 = sqr(2704t^2)

    d12 =t*sqr(2704)

    d12 =52t

    the distance between the cars is increasing at a rate of 52 miles per hour


    after 3 hours the distance between them is :

    52*3 = 156 miles

    I hope you understood

    good luck

  • it would be 84

  • 1 decade ago

    1.35miles per hour/

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