Anybody know if it is safe to get polio vaccine booster after transverse myelitis?

I am 21 years old now but when I was 5 I had transverse myelitis and my parents were told that there is a small to medium risk that I could become I'll again with TM or something worse if I ever recieved a live polio vaccine. This has been 16 years and I am completly recovered with no lingering affects known to be from TM.

Looking back on my vaccination records I have had 4 OPV's before I contracted TM and it was 10 months before I got sick with it.

Thing is that I will need to recieve a Polio vaccine to go to bootcamp (I passed MEPS.) I was wondering if it was safe to get a booster considering my good health and the time elapsed. Was the doctor using old information? (Back then TM was considered much rarer than current statistics.) If there was a problem wouldn't the military have kept me from enlisting?

Any information will be of great help.

Thanks for your answers.

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    Yes, live oral polio vaccine is no longer used in the United States. And yes, assuming you disclosed your medical history, the Army would have brought this up by now if it were a problem.

    Source(s): Public health dr.
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    fortunately no longer. In 1955-fifty six, an huge polio vaccination marketing campaign exceeded off in Denmark. We were the first united states to provide children interior the first 5 years of faculty loose vaccines. There hasn't been a unmarried case of polio in Denmark because that 1976. i will by no skill understand the reasoning and reality resistance displayed by technique of human beings that're antagonistic to vaccines.

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    The booster is usually IPV. There is zero risk of an actual infection since the vaccine is a killed virus.

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