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Do sunnis in Lebanon support Hezbollah?

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    Yes i do.

    i respect that those men are fighting to do their best so Zionist dont occupy our lands and take our rights, kill us, and humiliate us.

    the fighters in Hizbullah are leaving their houses, putting their lives and their familie's lives in danger, in fact they are dying as martyrs in the sake of Allah.

    only a blind, harsh man who dont have a heart wont support Hizbullah. in fact only a TRAITOR wouldnt support Hizbullah. thats what i think personally.

    put shiaism aside, we are talking about ppl's lives here not beliefs. so lets think far from our noses.

    the way lebanese died will make us quickly agree with Hizbullah.

    Hizbullah is showing that we have only Allah, we dont need anyone to help us, we are alhamduli llah a strong umma.

    i love my country so much and i would spit on any zionist, and its something im proud about to say that i respect the Sunni and shiaa who are fighting in Hezbullah bcz dear Hizbullah include also Sunni :)

    i dont care how many sunni support Hizbullah, i do, and thats what i care about.


    @ Baddest troll: are u crazy? hizbullah is based on fighting Zionist,it was made after all the hurt zionists did to Leb... not bcz we disagree with shiaism that doesnt mean we become stupid and blind, not able to see that hizbullah is doing his best for Leb.

    *rolling my eyes* man... stop that blind hate, learn to think before judging....... wake up !!!

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    a minimum of 80% of the Sunnis in Lebanon hate Hezbollah. that they had political variations and disliked them until eventually about could 2008, at the same time as Hezbollah sieged the Sunni neighborhoods of Beirut. because that then, the Sunnis have easily hated Hezbollah. of direction, there are exceptions. those Sunnis who help the SSNP or Omar Karami are professional-Hezbollah.

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    My friend who grew up in Lebanon doesn't, and he must think the majority there do not support them either, because when the elections were going on he mentioned that if they won it meant the counts were falsified. He also said something about them not actually representing the people of Lebanon.

    I don't really know anything about it myself, but his mom and sister who still live there were apparently of the same opinion as him, as they'd been talking about it.

  • In some things yes

    In others not so much

    Hezbollah should stop fighting with the Lebanese government and start building more weapons to defend in case of another israeli attack.

    Sunnis and Shias should be friends and. **** zionists

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    for Jihad they do support them.

    but they have Shia beliefs they dont supprt that.

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    10 years ago


    Hizbollah is protecting the israeli border

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