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Women: What do you think about during sex?

This question has more to do with being in the moment with the other person, instead of play-by-play action, thanks.

I would like to know what married women think about during sexual intimacy, are they into the moment with their husbands or off thinking about other things, fantasy's, or other men?

Single women too, what do you think about normally during sex.

Thank you upfront for your mature answers.

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    My wife once told me she made an entire grocery list during sex with me.

    I'm still curious why we only bought milk and eggs when we went...

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    What Girl Think During Sex

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    I tend to think things like... if he would just move to left just a hair I would blow...oh God this is good...if I do this he is gonna... if I am thinking about where are my keys, then I need to find a new playmate. I have to say I have never fantasized about another man when I am with a man. I do however when I am playing by myself... I am a single woman by the way.

    Have to agree with the role playing comments from the other women... If you are not totally there, don't be there at all.

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    10 years ago

    see I'm just in the moment-I think about who I'm with. Because if I'm not, there's a problem. Of course, I tend to talk a lot, and so we can mention if there's a fantasy going on. Then we both think about that.

    My boyfriend ALWAYS has to have a fantasy in his head. This is annoying because I'm real-I'm right there, and while I'm in his fantasy, its about a threesome or something we are not even doing. Its actually kind of a turn off to think his fantasy is replacing our reality. Makes you wonder.

    In his defense, he says guys are visual-they need a scenerio. I'm not a visual person-I'm tactile. So touching the person is good enough for me. Still, if he's visual, and he's thinking about something else, makes you wonder if I'm visually appealing, you know?

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  • 10 years ago

    It really varies. Most of the time I'm thinking about how good I'm feeling and that I want him to feel the same. Sometimes I am imagine I'm his slave and I go down on him for about 1/2 hour. Sometimes I pretend there are people watching us...

    But seriously most of the time I'm just enjoying the experience. I have never fantasized that he were someone else.

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    I don't fantasize at all during sex.. I'm focused on my man and how hot he is and making him feel good and how good I feel. Totally into the moment. YAY sex.

    Source(s): Deborah's answer made me realize i should clear something up... I DO fantasize when there is some roleplaying scenario going on that he's also participating in. Mutual fantasies are FUN. But I never ever imagine that he's someone else.
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    What I'm going to do to him next! Oh believe me there is NEVER a dull moment!!

  • 6 years ago

    I try not to think too much and just enjoy the experience.

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    Honestly, I'm a sleep-deprived mother of a 6 month old. All I can think about is 'hurry up'. Btw, I'm breastfeeding so that really makes me NOT in the mood. Lol

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    10 years ago

    I'm totally into the moment.

  • 10 years ago

    Of how really horny I am, and how much I am gonna to enjoy more and more, and if he was been rude to me the first place, not making love, but just booootie call only, no attachment feelings, then ya, I have another man view in placed of his, and enjoying even more! I have not had emotional making love sex in a long time, those needs are not met, but I am extremely vulnerable as well, by being this lonely, and even at the point looking for someone to fill in the empty spot in my life, which my husband is not fullfulling in years. His lost, he is the one who pushed me away by not wanted to be around much, not talking, not holding me, and yes he is pushing me into another man's arm and he says he wants me and not a divroce, but yet he dont get it???

    My sexual needs are high and his are not, and yah he just dont realized how lonely it is or even how easy it is for me come to point to cheating in real life with another man.

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