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Questions about YG and SM entertainment!?

I'm 13 years old, I know how to dance and sing really well. I really want to be in the music industry in Korea. I have alot of questions to ask so please help me.

1. I'm Vietnamese, so would there be any problems with that?

2.I don't know Korean, so will they teach me?

3. Which one should I go in YG or SM?

4. I want to be in a girl group, so how will I be able to do that?

5. Can I train in the US?

6. Will there be allowances if I have to live in a dorm in Korea?

7. Will they supply the food for us?

8. How do I audition for YG?

9. Will there be breaks during our training to go see our families?

10. How do I debut early like Daesung from Big Bang? Because he only trained for about 6 months.

Sorry for all the questions. So could you please try to answer them all and if you have more information could you please put it in your answer. Thanks ^_^


Also one more question.

On the website it says it will be coming soon and it says other stuff I can't understand so could you please translate it?? That would be great :)

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    1. No, because SM and YG mostly accept Asians, and since Vietnam is an Asian country, then you will have no problem in getting in both of these entertainment companies.

    2. Yes. If you get accepted and you don't know Korean, the company will provide language lessons for you to learn during your training hours. There are many people who got accepted into Korean entertainment companies without knowing how to speak Korean. For example, Amber of f(x), she's Taiwanese-American, Henry and Zhou Mi from Super Junior M, Han Geng from Super Junior, and Nickhun from 2PM.

    3. I would recommend YG. YG gives their artists a big percentage of the earnings earned from promotions, CD sales, etc. But why not SM? This is because lately, some of SM's artists are filing lawsuits against SM, because of how little their earning, and how they don't get to choose their own activities. Like the TVXQ lawsuit, and the Han Geng lawsuit, which is currently going on at the moment.

    4. You can tell the company that you would like to be either a solo artist or in a girl group. If they agree, then they will arrange for you to be put in a group with other trainees. If not, well then they'll debut you as a solo singer.

    5. I think you can, but I'm not sure. Actually, I think you have to go to Korea to train, so the answer is no. But SM has their own branch in America called SM Entertainment USA, so that's why I'm not sure. For YG, I'm pretty sure you have to go to Korea, because I haven't heard that YG has established a USA branch in America.

    6. Yes, both entertainment companies will give you an allowance per week. The allowances tend to around $22 US Dollars.

    7. Yes, both entertainment companies will support your housing, schooling, and food fees.

    8. You basically audition at the place where YG is holding auditions. They change their locations all the time, so I can't tell you where it is, sorry :(

    9. Yes. For SM, they will give you two 2 week breaks, and one 3 week breaks. Many trainees take the opportunity to visit their families, and many take the time to catch up on school work.

    10. The only way is that it depends on how talented you are. Like Super Junior's Ryeowook, he trained for about 2 months, then debuted as part of Super Junior. Before auditioning, he prepared for the audition for 12 months, he said so once in an interview, also he was very talented. To be able to debut early, you have to prove to your trainers that you're ready to debut. You have to stand out from the other trainees, the more you stand out, the bigger your chance will get.

    Source(s): I have contacts who are currently trainees in Korean Entertainments
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    Yg Entertainment Usa

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    1. No.

    2. Yes.

    3. YG is better, but unless you don't like hip hop or R&B style, don't go to either of them.

    4. They'll place you in a group.

    5. No.

    6. No.

    7. Yes.

    8. They only take mail in auditions only.

    9. No.

    10. It depends how well you do.

    I'm not sure if you know this, but if you work at a convenience store, you'll make more working there than in the kpop scene. You barely make any money, get any rest, or have any freedom. If all you want is fame, that is all you will get.

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    Hey :) No! That's a perfect age! A lot of trainees recommend to audition at the ages 13-18. 1) No, it doesn't matter if you have braces! 2) Yeah, it doesn't matter! Not a lot of singers are all tall! For an example: SNSD (Girls' Generation), Taeyeon, Sunny, they're both not the tallest people x] 3) Nope! If you noticed, a lot of singers wear contract lenses and sometimes glasses. 4)Yeah, if you're into R&B/Hip-Hop/Rap, YG is perfect for you. YG although is really hard to get in; they look at your talent like hard-core haha. But if you practice, I'm sure you can do it! Just think about each company and audition to the place that YOU think is right for you :) 5)Yes. But make sure your picture is not photoshopped (don't change the lighting, colo, etc. They will NOT accep it), it also can't be like sticker pictures. Just keep that in mind :) Good luck!

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    1. No they accept all race.

    2. For SM they will probably teach you. For YG they want you to at least know basic Korean before auditioning, but they'll still teach you.

    3. Depends on which one you want to audition for. You can audition for both of them at the same time and see. YG's more of a R&B style and SM's more of a hip-pop style.

    4. I think that you will most likely be placed in a girl group if you're a girl and vice versa if you're a boy.

    5. No you'll most likely have to train in Korea.

    6. I heard that SM do give you allowance but not a whole lot. I'm not quite sure about YG.

    7. Most likely they will but I'm not too sure.

    8. See & for the FAQs and the application.

    9. Yeah they'll probably give you breaks to see your families though I don't know if they'll help with the plane tickets if your family's overseas though.

    10. I don't really know. I think that you'll probably have to stand out and be extremely good at singing, dancing, etc. and prove to them that you deserve to debut early.

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    1. Nope, they accept all races.

    2. Well, before you audition, they expect you to at least know the basics of korean, but yes they will put you in a korean learning class.

    3. YG & SM are both really great companies, but YG is more of a hip-hop company & SM trains their trainees really harshly. your choice.

    4. They will assign you to a group, so no worries about that.

    5. nope, if you make the auditions, you will have to train in korea.

    6. nope, during your trainee years, you will not get paid.

    7. yes, they will supply all the necessaries like food, house, ectt...

    8. IDK

    9. IDK

    10. IDK

    Source(s): Myself.
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    they actually came a little bit ago. D: but they might come back? :D

    however, according to this, you're too young and it said that you had to be fluent in both english AND korean. therefore, i infer that they won't teach you.

    [hahahaha yess! vietnamese. :D] anyways, i'm pretty sure being vietnamese don't be any problems. i mean it SHOULDN'T be.

    personally i would choose YG because i'm biased. XD [BIG BANG!] and also sm has been in a lot of crap lately with super junior and dbsk concerning how they treated them.

    and i'm sure you could google how to audition for yg. or it's on their website. i'm sure either of those would work. hopefully.

    sorry i couldn't answer all of your questions. D:

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