Why doesn't congress scrap current health-care & introduce are bill a new one w/ just points of agreement?

During the 2010 health-care summit President Obama went over a whole list of reforms that both Democrats and Republicans supported. Why don't they scrap the current bill and introduce a new bill that step by step introduced ONLY the reforms that a majority of both parties agree on. I'm talking about things like the ability to buy health insurance over state lines, health insurance fraud, TORT reform. Things that presented on their own would pass easily. The way those things are implemented should be whats being debated. At the same time they could promise in writing that the next few bills presented to the congress would be dedicated and reserved for those controversial partisan topics that would not pass easily. Here I'm talking about controversial issues like the public option, and fines for people not buying health insurance. Does everything have to be done at once and behind closed doors? Why reform be done in stages with transparency?

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    Insurance crossing state lines won't fix anything. The companies would just merge with each other and we would have the same problems just on a national level.

    Personally the only tort reform I would accept would have to include something that actually punishes bad doctors .. like if they make to many mistakes they lose their license. As things are now... they make a mistake .. big deal the insurance company pays and the doctor pays slightly higher rates. Sorry but when a doctor is careless people lose out big time.

    Think about this... if Micheal Jackson wasn't famous would his doctor have been in as much trouble? The doctor was greedy and careless ... resulting in a death. Right now a lawsuit is our only defense, take that away and you need to put something in its place.

    Insurance fraud prevention ... that is about the only point on the list that would be helpful... so what do you have in mind? Also remember that the biggest insurance frauds are done by hospitals and doctors.

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    In all reality! There the two incorrect! I recommend seem on the real reality right here purely for a 2nd.... The Democrate/Pres.Obama for the duration of Campiagns he promissed "finished open doors and over sight" into making Healthcare decrease priced, common accessibility, Prescriptions too purchase exterior this united states of america, and no-greater closed bargains for medical coverage companies nor Prescription Co. besides. ALL OF THIS became & IS an entire LIE!!!!! The Republicans (CONSERVATIVE & MODERATES) have had interior the final 8 years atleast 3 possibilities to help human beings out, pertaining to to wellbeing care Reform... no person needed something too do with this invoice nor have ties too it b/c human beings which includes Blue-pass, Kiasier, or maybe Vetrens Hospitals/coverage companies Paid thousands and thousands to Congressional skill residing house Leaders to not Have this as some coverage Witch Hunt for there Campaigns! They declare in case you hear them very heavily, This invoice presently will harm the elderly, The ill and Dieing, and Medicare!!!!! ONG! Your Blowing Smoke up! those are the VERY_SAME Congressman, that with the aid of fact 2000 have made such quite some Cuts upon the elderly, the ill, and there own defense force adult males/women! There fedding you CRAP! the two components! WHO WINS? "Its not US!" Do you incredibly on your intestine think of JOE BLOW Congressman that Smiles and Shakes your Hand and does not understand you from a Hill of Beans is questioning of you or your loved ones, each and every of the mutually as Blue-pass or Merk Pharmacy Lobbyist/ attorneys are sitting inthis guy or womans workplace in Capital Hill and changing this congressmans innovations with the aid of fact of ETHIC"S or ethical's are envolved?? Hell in case you incredibly genuinely think of he's combating too think of roughly YOU! Then your in basic terms as Dumb minded as that Congressman that LIED too you and smiled!

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