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What's The Best Online Stock Broker For A Group Of Teens?

Hi, From London UK, 18.

There's a group of 3 of us putting in £200 each. Looking for the best website to start trading online. Anyone know any good places to start (online)?


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    UK may be just like US.

    in US, most online brokers offer very similar services it just comes down to prefereance and fees.

    Look at any fees associated with opening acct, closing acct, transfering money. along with account minimun or inactivity fees.

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  • Binta
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    It depends on your needs. Interactive brokers is very good. Cheap fees, and the higher volume you trade (more shares) over a period of time, it gets cheaper. You also have the option to put in orders directly to the exchanges, and you can get rebates in some cases (adding liquidity on the nasdaq) which will pay you money for putting in a bid or an offer, which will either make your trade cheaper, free, or even make you some money on it! Some brokers can be better, it depends on if you have other types of needs. Whatever you do though, do no go with a bank, eg. TD Waterhouse, their fees are criminal. I hope this helps, good luck.

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    Hi! I'm 19 years old from the U.S. and looking to start investing, too.

    I've been looking at

    From what I've found online, they seem to be a good company to use.

    Best of luck!

    Keith G.

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