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How do you start a Crisis Intervention/Prevention Center?

How do you start a crisis intervention center?

The region in which I live in does not have a crisis intervention center and one is desperately needed. How do you start a Crisis Center (Prevention & Intervention)? The Crisis Center should have a Hot-line for child abuse victims, domestic violence victims, rape victims, suicidal callers, etc. How do you start one in a region or go about starting one? Please help!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You should check with your local cities and communities to see what their input is first. Second check with your local Fire and Police Dept to see what their feedback on the subject is. Lastly check with area secular and non secular Social Service agencies in your area to see what major problems they not only face in the community but what additional needs are not being met. Make sure you catalog all information gathered. We have a crisis center here that was just started up with several cities contributing to the services provided. One of the main functions it to bring clients in immediately. Whether they come in on their own or are provided assistance through Police, Fire Dept or Social Services they are getting the intervention/prevention that is needed. The staff at the Crisis Center is made up of medical, legal, and behavioral personal. The director of the center is a Master Social Worker. Once you do an assessment of what is needed present this to the cities and communities in your area. You will need to seek funding source, building where it can be conveniently located for all to use, It usually is used 24/7, and apply for a non profit status unless you can find an agency to umbrella under. I will list some resource below that you can check into. These are becoming more and more accepted in our community unfortunately and believe that prevention it usually not thought of until it is time for intervention. The second link below is about the one in my area. Good Luck.

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