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how can i start a resume?

please help me how can i start a resume thank i need that for tomorrow if somebody did one before please tell

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Here is a sample. Change it or edit it according to you:

    Maria Doe

    123 Main Street

    Fairfax, Virginia 22222

    (703) 555-5555


    o Praha 5 Gymnasium, 1990-1992

    o J.E.B. Stuart Transitional High School 2003- present


    o Cashier, McDonalds, 1993-1995.

    Took customer orders, handled customer complaints, mopped floors.

    o Nanny, McDaniels family, 1995-1998

    Took care of three children, ages 1 to 7, prepared lunch and dinner, drove children to school, organized children’s activities.

    o Nanny, Smith family, 2001-2004

    Takes care of twins babies, prepares meals and feeds children, cleans and organizes house, takes children to activities like music class.


    o Jose Mendez, McDonald’s Manager. 703-111-1111.

    o Jane McDaniels, employer. 571-555-5555.

    o Nancy Smith, employer. 301-555-5555.

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