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Do you really want Govt. Health care?

Considering that Medicare is the greatest denier of coverage.

Keep in mind that hundreds of billions will be taken from Social Security and Medicare to help fund it, then describe the nearly 1/2 trillion as a cost savings for each as they didn't spend it on clients. Then they tell us that it doesn't increase the use of tax dollars.

7% of Democrats are unsatisfied with their coverage. Reps far less.

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    The democrats would like everyone to believe that insurance companies are the bad guys but according to the AMA report, page 5, Medicare does deny the most cases.

    One of the reasons health insurance companies drop sick people is to satisfy Wall Street investors. Of course the investors want to see a gain not a loss. If the government passed a bill that the insurance companies couldn't drop sick people that would solve that problem.

    Overall, the profit margin for health insurance companies was a modest 3.4 percent over the past year, according to data provided by Morningstar. That ranks 87th out of 215 industries and slightly above the median of 2.2 percent. By this measure, the most profitable industry over the past year has been beverages, with a 25.9 percent profit margin. Right behind that were healthcare real-estate trusts (firms that are basically the landlords for hospitals and healthcare facilities) and application-software (think Windows).

    So do you think it is possible that one of the reasons our premiums keep rising is because the landlords for hospitals and healthcare facilities are making so much?

    And for people who think government run health insurance will keep down the premiums why is it that I live in Massachusetts with mandatory insurance and my premiums rise an average of 25% every year? Our emergency rooms are still crowded and the state is asking the federal government for a bailout. Have you ever heard any representatives from Massachusetts tell people to look how well mandatory health insurance is working in their state? They don't dare bring it up because it isn't working.

    Anyone who thinks that this bill is not going to increase taxes doesn't look at what has happened in the past. Everytime government says it won't raise taxes it does. How can we add so many more people onto health insurance, give it to them for free and yet it isn't going to cost the tax payers anymore. Some people just live in a dream world.

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    If the reforms pass, the USA will not be getting government healthcare. Insurance companies will still be running it, but the government will put an end to the death panels they use to deny care to so many Americans.

    FACT - Insurance companies in the USA admit to pushing up prices, buying politicians and not paying out claims when they should [a]

    FACT - PER PERSON the USA spends more on healthcare than any other nation on the planet [b]

    FACT - Obama debated his plans before the election for healthcare [c]

    FACT - the chance of a child under five of dying in the USA is greater than industrialised nations with universal health coverage [d]

    FACT - Obama was elected to bring in change [e]

    FACT - Obama wants to stop insurance companies screwing the American people [f]

    FACT - The reforms Obama wants work in the Netherlands and in Switzerland [g]

    If anyone can prove the facts above are wrong, e-mail me and let me know.

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    NO...... they don't really want reform ( tort reform, cut the cost, competition, etc.. ) they just want to take over health care. More dependency on government is the true goal..... the more dependent we are the more they can get away with and the more rights we will lose.... The pathetic parasites on the left would rather give up all our rights just so they can be bottle fed by nanny government. Just the kind of sheeple that dictators are looking for.

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    No. it incredibly is a blatant lie and exaggeration. there is not any such element in this plan which will nationalize wellness care. there is besides the shown fact that a public option, which might conceal extra voters. in case you like your modern-day insurance, you could save it. If not, you could try the customary public option. And notice, I say option. supply up believing the lies of the fear-mongering suited-wing Limbaugh and Hannity followers.

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    No. I resent being PRICE GOUGED every day I live because it's hoped by our country's corrupt, greedy and power-mad that Obama-care passes; I pray the health care "reform" bill NEVER PASSES.

    Political supporters of Obama-care---especially medical industry stockholders, their medical industry lobbyists, thousands of corrupt hospital administrators and medical industry corporate leaders all stand to benefit from Obama-care. They win and WE THE PEOPLE, lose.

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    Yes. If for no other reason, it is about time that the US moved into the community of civilized nations and quit acting like a third world country.

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    You all can kiss the hell off. What the hell kind of insurance that you're going to get when and if you retire? A f_cking government run health plan. Furthermore, I know that the V.A. has its problems but you don't see a majority of them bitching and moaning about their coverage. You people suck balls

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    even though it is really unpopular, people who are sick really like it, and the reason why it cuts medicare and social security is because people will have more choices and access to private companies who did not before.

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    No I want the government totally out of healthcare. Only free market competition can lower prices and improve the quality of our healthcare.

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    I want everyone who can't afford health care or who would go into debt on regular health care to have free government health care.

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