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Catholics/Orthodox.. what do you think of Holy Day to honor Virgin Mary (pbuh)?

What do you think about this? It is a holiday which will be celebrated on March 25, as a joint Christian-Muslim holiday, to honor the Virgin Mary (pbuh)

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    Problem: Mohammad's version of Jesus and Mary are offensive to Christians. That would be like Muslims allowing Christians to visit the Kabbah in Mecca, where Muslims are required to walk around a box 7 times before showing devotion to a meteor by touching or kissing it. Muslims are not allowed to honor Christian traditions, so it would be like a double standard used simply for POLITICAL PURPOSES. Nice try with the so-called Islamic dawa =)

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    March 25, is the celebration of the Annunciation -- the announcement by the angel Gabriel that Mary was to bear a son while remaining a virgin; this is a standard and very popular celebration among the Orthodox. Note that it's 9 months before Dec 25.

    What I find odd is that Islam honors Mary as the virgin mother of Jesus, but considers Jesus to be only a prophet. God went to a lot of trouble to bring a prophet into the world, if that's the case. No, Jesus is much more than a prophet; he is the incarnation of God himself, one of the Trinity.

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    As a Catholic, I love having days to honor Mary and other Saints.

    However the Holy Day we celebrate on March 25 is more about Jesus than Mary.

    Catholics and many other Christians celebrate the Feast of the Annunciation on March 25 (9 months before Christmas). The Annunciation is the "announcement" by the angel Gabriel to Mary that she was to become the Mother of the Savior.

    With love in Christ.

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    Also the Catholic Church celebrates the feast day of Mary on Jan 1st, why not join with us on that feast day as well. I do like your idea though, a good way to bring people together for Mary is good. It is good to talk about the things we have in common. No better name to mention than Mary.

    A great book on Mary is "true devotion to Mary," by St.Louis De Monfort

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    There are some feast days to honor Mary the mother of God (Jesus), the mother of the faithful, the mother of the Church - but I guess the most famous one is August 15, The Assumption of Mary.

    God bless you!

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    They a technique or the different sense that honoring the Virgin Mary is doing away with from Jesus -- as though that replace into attainable! take a glance on the "Jesus is our Mediator, no longer Mary" solutions, and you will see what I recommend. i think of the subject is they do no longer understand the adaptation between a mediator and an intercessor. There *is* basically one Mediator interior the subject of sin, and that's Jesus. He paid the fee for our sins, and He by myself can stand earlier God and reconcile us to the father -- it is what a mediator does. basically Jesus can say, "Father, I died for this individual, who has well-known my blood offering for his sins. there is not extra enmity between You and him." An intercessor, even with the undeniable fact that, is individual who speaks to somebody on behalf of yet another individual. we've many intercessors with God: kin, acquaintances, our pastor, human beings at church, and so on. They pray for us and ask God to help us, in simple terms as a chum of a employer president might put in a solid be conscious on your behalf while you're wanting a job. Mary is an intercessor for all people who ask her prayers -- no longer a might-be rival to Jesus in His function of Mediator. possibly if Protestants understood that needed difference, they does not sense so threatened by our Blessed mom. She has no longer something yet love and prayer for the human beings Her Son bought together with his useful Blood, in simple terms as the different mom might safeguard her babies. Edit: And if Protestants understood the adaptation between latria (worship, it is by using God and Him by myself), dulia (honor, it is given to the saints), and hyperdulia (large honor, given to the Blessed mom), they might understand that we don't worship Mary. basically God is worth of our worship because of the fact it would be idolatry to worship absolutely everyone or something different than Him. that's what the Bible and the Church teach, and that's what we Catholics have faith. Loving the Blessed mom and soliciting for her prayers under no circumstances constitutes worship. Sorry to burst some Protestant bubbles, yet those are the info.

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    That's great! It's funny that Muslims have more respect for Mary than do Protestants, eh?

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    Anything to help bring peace to brothers of a different reality, we all have her as our heavenly mother....although, my friend, it is true that few people here and now actually practice their religion. Many know it in their minds, but they do not know it in their hearts. This world is such a difficult one, however, I would say this is a positive step.

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    As long as they just honor Mary and not worship, I'm fine. As long as they can honor her peacefully, I'm fine.

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    it would be really great ,

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