Does this shy guy like me?

ok so this guy, i told him i liked him. i texted him and told him(i know bad move) and he just said "okay". when i told him, we had barely met, well i knew him since 8th but he didnt really know me. anyways. before/after i told him i liked him he stared at me like ALL the time. during pe, lunch, break, after school, etc. i was to shy to talk to him of course. well there were like 3 times that he said hi to me first. but that was in September. he looks at me and looks away..

we like avoided each other til now. he still looked at me. in oe he passed in front/behind me. well he know talks to a lot of girls in front of me, and he knows i see him talk to them. for example; my friend and me were walking and he said hi to her and not me i was like wtf. he didnt even know her. after he said hi he just looked at me.

and then just last week that same friend he said hi to told him he was gay and i heard right. so when i was about to go home, he caught up to me and said "anny, anny!! im not gay" i said "i know ur not" and he just smiled and left. it seems like he wants to smile at me but doesnt

also the other day we were in line, he was behind me, he looked at me, and was like waiting for me to say something but i chickened out.

so what do you think? hes shy, and so am i. does he like me? what should i do? go for him or move on??

sorry it was long. thanks.

funny thing, i already asked him if he liked me and he said just as a friend. but i asked him like 3 weeks after i told him.

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  • 10 years ago
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    He likes you. If he didn't he wouldn't have caught up to you and so urgently told you he wasn't gay.He also stares at you alot. You could have something on you, but thats not the case because everytime he looks at you thees nothing on you. I mean do other people stare that way at you. Saying hi to your friend and not you, talking to girls in front of you. He wants to see how you'll react. If he's near you should say something. As for him saying he likes you as just a friend, more like girlfriend but the girl part is silent. You shouldn't move on not yet. Give hime time, you said he was shy. But don't go after him, it'll just push him away further. We do know one thing though he's not gay so there is a possibility. Good luck, and be patient. In time good things will come.

    - Carie (Car plus ie)

    Source(s): I'm 11 years old. Wise aren't I lol
  • 3 years ago

    I my self a shy guy, i grow to be opened to women yet then I replay all what i grow to be announcing and the SMS I sent, i found out how stupid and twaddle i grow to be .. extra useful of staying quiet that feeling be apologetic approximately, additionally maximum of cases Iam attracted to a particular female that i do no longer even care with regard to the others, It should not be customary nonetheless If that is that extreme

  • 10 years ago

    WTFM!? Why all this senseless drama? If he says no, he means no. If you still doubt, ask again.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I think he does, you should ask him out.

    Source(s): me
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