What Is Your Favorite Mariah Carey Song?

From each of her albums?

Mariah Carey:All In Your Mind

Emotions:Make It Happen

Music Box: Dreamlover & Hero

Daydream: Open Arms & Fantasy

Butterfly: Breakdown & Butterfly

Rainbow: Bliss,Crybaby & Heartbreaker

Charmbracelet: Clown & Through The Rain

Emancipation Of Mimi:We Belong Together,It's Like That,Circles,Get Your Number,Fly Like A Bird,Stay The Night

E=MC2: I'll Be Lovin U Long Time,For The Record,I Stay In Love,Cruise Control

Memoirs Of A Imperfect Angel: H.A.T.E. U., Betcha Gon Know,Candy Bling,More Than Friends,It's A Wrap,Angels Cry,Ribbon

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    I LOVE me some Mariah Carey. I have all of her albums (Including The Remixes) Honestly I love all of her songs but here are the ones I listen to the most:

    1990: Mariah Carey: Vision of Love, I Don't Wanna Cry, Prisoner, and All In Your Mind

    1991: Emotions: Can't Let Go, Till the End of Time, If It's Over, and Make It Happen

    1992: MTV Unplugged: I'll Be There featuring Trey Lorenz and Can't Let Go [Live]

    1993: Music Box: Without You, I've Been Thinkin' About You, Hero, and Dreamlover

    1994: Merry Christmas: Jesus, Oh What a Wonderful Child and All I Want For Christmas Is You

    1995: Daydream: Fantasy, One Sweet Day featuring Boyz II Men, When I Saw U, Long Ago, Underneath the Stars, and Always Be My Baby

    1997:Butterfly: Honey, Breakdown, Babydoll, The Roof (Back in Time) and My All

    1998: #1's: Sweetheart featuring Jermaine Dupri and Whenever U Call featuring Brian McKnight

    1999: Rainbow: Heartbreaker, Heartbreaker REMIX, Bliss, Thank God I Found U, and Crybaby featuring Snoop Dogg

    2001: Glitter: Loverboy, Loverboy REMIX, Never Too Far, Don't Stop (Funkin' 4 Jamaica)

    2001: Greatest Hits: Endless Love featuring Luther Vandross

    2002: Charmbracelet: The One and Through The Rain

    2003: The Remixes: Honey So So Def Remix, My All/Stay Awhile Remix, and Always Be My Baby So So Def Remix featuring Da Brat and Xscape

    2005: The Emancipation of Mimi [Platinum Edition]: It's Like That, We Belong Together, Don't Forget About Us, Get Your Number, Say Something featuring Snoop Dogg, Mine Again, Fly Like A Bird, and We Belong Together REMIX

    2007: E=MC2: Touch My Body, I Stay In Love, Love Story, Migrate featuring T-Pain, Bye Bye, Side Effects featuring Young Jeezy, and I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time featuring T.I.

    2009: Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel: I Want To Know What Love Is, Obsessed, It's A Wrap, Up Out My Face, Angels Cry [The Prelude], Angels Cry, and Languishing [Interlude]

    2010: The Angel's Advocate: Angels Cry REMIX featuring Ne-Yo and Up Out My Face featuring Nicki Monaj

    Top 5: All Time Favorites: One Sweet Day featuring Boyz II Men, We Belong Together, Always Be My Baby, Honey, and My All

    Favorite Albums: Daydream (all time favorite), Butterfly, and The Emancipation of Mimi [Platinum Edition]

    Source(s): Mariah Carey fanatic and R&B guru
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    Mariah Carey - Someday, Vanishing

    Emotions - Can't Let Go

    Music Box - Hero, Anytime You Need A Friend, All I've Ever Wanted

    Merry Christmas - All I Want For Christmas Is You, O Holy Night, (Miss You Most) At Christmas Time

    Daydream - Fantasy, Underneath the Stars, Long Ago, Looking In

    Butterfly - The Roof

    Rainbow - Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)

    #1's - Whenever You Call with Brian McKnight

    Glitter - Lead the Way

    Charmbracelet - Through the Rain

    Emancipation Of Mimi - We Belong Together

    Memoirs Of A Imperfect Angel - H.A.T.E.U.

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    Mariah Carey: Someday, Love Takes Time

    Emotions: Make It Happen, Emotions

    Music Box: Dreamlover, Hero, Anytime You Need a Friend, Without You

    Daydream: One Sweet Day, Fantasy

    Butterfly: Honey, My All

    Rainbow: Heartbreaker, Against All Odds

    Charmbracelet: Through The Rain

    Emancipation Of Mimi: Don't Forget About Us, It's Like That, We Belong Together

    E=MC2: I Stay in Love, Touch My Body

    Memoirs Of A Imperfect Angel: H.A.T.E.U., I Want to Know What Love Is, Obsessed

    She is releasing a remixed version of "Memoirs..." that is tentatively entitled "Angel's Advocate". I'm not sure if I will buy it.

    But, I have the first remix album which was simply called "The Remixes". On the first CD, I liked every remix except for "Dreamlover". That was one David Morales-produced remix that never did it for me. On the second CD, I liked the remixes of "Fantasy", "Loverboy", and one of the few original versions of any song on the album "I Know What You Want".

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    Thank You soo Much for asking that question! :D I AM a hardcore Mariah fan ;)

    and I have all her albums..Here r my fav songs

    MariahCarey: Love Takes Time

    Emotions: You're So Cold, Can't Let Go

    Music Box: Dreamlover, Everything fades away, Just to hold you once again

    daydream: Looking In, Always be my baby

    Butterfly: My All, Close my Eyes, Honey

    Rainbow: Can't Take that Away***MY FAV,

    Charmbracelet: Through the rain, Clown

    Emancipation of Mimi: Circles, Don't forget about us, stay the night, secret love, say something

    E=MC2: Love Story, Migrate, Touch my body

    MOAIA: HA.T.E.U., Standing O, Up out my Face, Betcha Gon' Know, Obsessed

    Source(s): Hardcore Mariah Fan! :)
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    Mariah Carey : Vision of Love

    Emotions : Emotions

    Music Box : Dreamlover

    Daydream : One Sweet Day

    Butterfly : Breakdown

    Rainbow : Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme)

    Charmbracelet : Through The Rain

    Emancipation of Mimi : It's Like That

    E=MC2 : Touch My Body

    Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel : I Want To Know What Love Is

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    Mariah Carey: Love Takes Time

    Emotions: Can't Let Go

    Music Box: Without You (Hard)

    Merry Christmas: O Holy Night

    Daydream: One Sweet Day

    Butterfly: My All

    Rainbow: Thank God I Found You (Hard)

    Glitter: Never Too Far

    Charmbracelet: My Saving Grace (Hard)

    The Emancipation Of Mimi:We Belong Together

    E=MC²: For The Record,

    Memoirs Of A Imperfect Angel: Ribbon

    (Also my fave unreleased song is "There For Me")

    Source(s): LAMB
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    Breakdown,We Belong Together,Dont Forget About Us:)

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    I like Fly Like a Bird,Shake it Off and Say Something ft. Pharrel and Snoop Dogg.

    But I'm starting to like Up Out My Face.

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    I really only like her newer stuff.

    Emancipation of Mimi: It's Like That, We Belong Together.

    E-MC2: Touch My Body

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