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What color and texture of fabric goes well with blonde wood (Dining table)? Any fabric ideas appreciated!?

Okay, so I just got a cute little dining table + four chairs for really cheap, but I would like to reupholster the chairs. Currently the fabric is in off white and stained. I was thinking a dark red, like a cranberry or blood red. What colors would go well with blonde wood? Any ideas? It also needs to be appealing to a man, so no pinks, lol. I have never reupholstered anything before and I have no clue when it comes to different fabrics, so any help is appreciated! Thanks!

My set looks similar to this, but does not have a wood seat base as these do, mine have attached cushions :

Would this look good?

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    I would look into a thick rich cranberry twiolle ( how do you spell that? ). Something french country'ish. I have always wanted to put that in a kitchen.

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    You need to buy a table for your dining room. You need one that fits your color scheme. You need to buy one that is on sale, you will get so much more table for so much less cash that it only makes sense, and besides, do you want to break the law, especiallly the law of nature? You will need the table to fill with mail and things. If you think you should avoid purchasing the table because you eat in front of the TV, then move your TV to the dining room. It is your patriotic duty to buy the table. Congress has invested a lot to buy your vote by creating the Economic Stimulus Tax Rebate. You would be selfish to keep it and not spend it on something to stimulate the economy, such as the table. The furniture sales person is counting on you to stimulate their personal economy. They haven't been selling that much lately, and you already know how much of manufacturing has been shifted overseas. And the children, those poor little children have had to cut back on their after-school snacks. Their mothers are being forced to skewer left-over Brussels Sprouts and freeze them as a cold treat. So this Memorial Day do your patriotic duty and spend your rebate on that beautiful dining room table, then invite some veterans over to share it with.

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    I have been a floral designer for 27 yrs and I'm all about color. I think your choices are great your home your choice. maybe placemats to match or flowers in shades of the same color to bring the color up to the top of the table : )

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