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Is This A Good Computer?

first let me say i am by no means a big gamer, not at all actually, i was just looking for a good reliable fast computer that would last a while.

so i bought my friend's older desktop after she got a new one, it is a Gateway model GT 5656 she loved it but just wanted a newer one, she only charged me $100 for itm is it a good pc, did i pay a good price??

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    I just checked out the Gateway GT5656 on their website. Yeah, it looks like a great overall desktop. It's got a fairly fair dual core 3.0Ghz processor, 3MB of medium speed (667Mhz), and size-able 500GB hard drive. If you do any gaming you'll have to update the Integrated NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE graphics card. It's an integrated card that only has enough power to do basic 3-D games. If you're a gamer you need to get a serious dedicated video graphics card like the NVIDIA GeForce GT 220 1GB selling for $79.99 at Best Buy. Express Graphics Card $100 is a great price for this machine; I'm guessing used on Craigslist it could go for $350 or so.

    Good Luck!

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    For a $100, it is reasonably good. It will not play mid to high level games at all, and upgrading the video card will require upgrading the power supply as well...

    For general use, including internet and general computing, it is powerful enough...

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    yes, that's a bluddy bargain! i'm not about it's hard drive, but i think it's got 3gbs of ram. excellent vallue for money

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    what are the specs?

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