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Greg Page vs Pinklon Thomas, 15 rounds, who wins?

circa 1984.

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    Greg Page had a great jab and was very quick handed. He could knock you out but usually preferred to box. Pinklon Thomas was a good boxer and fairly heavy handed so this makes for an intriguing match up. Why these guys never met in the ring, is a wonder to me as it would have made for an entertaining fight. Hard to say which man is better or who would win as they are very closely matched I'd say. Thomas would probably be the aggressor looking to land a bomb behind his own jab, while Page would be using more movement while flicking out those fast jabs. So many of the rounds would be even, with neither man having a decided advantage. I believe that in this one fight, Page does enough to capture a close decision victory. Good question Z!

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    Page had the better power, Thomas the better lateral movement and foot speed, but Pinklon wasn't a runner so I would give the edge to Page. Interesting match up, too bad they never settled it in the ring. Given that Page at almost 50 knocked Mike Tyson down and almost out as his sparring partner and Tyson destroyed Pinklon, odds are good Greg would have had enough to take Thomas.

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    In 84, Tim Witherspoon beat Page in a majority decision and Thomas beat Witherspoon (also Majority Decision). Despite this fact styles make fights. Thomas was more of a bruiser and Page was a gifted boxer who could knock you out also. I see this fight going the distance with a Page win or a late KO (also in Page's favor). He was just better. Page was 23-1 (only loss coming to Trevor Berbick...a top Heavyweight at the time known for being the last to defeat Ali and the guy who lost his title to Tyson making him the youngest champ ever). Witherspoon was 24-0-1 with the draw coming to Coetzee, who Page, who Page KO'd in his back yard of South Africa. They were probably the top 2 Heavyweights with Larry Holmes at the time...strange they never fought.

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    web page on the age of close to to 50 all by technique of KOed Mike Tyson in a sparring experience, so Greg grow to be no slouch, yet that suggested Floyd Patterson grow to be thanks to slick and experienced to get nailed like Tyson did, even antagonistic to a youthful version of Greg web page Patterson may be the overpowering prominent.

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    That is a fight between two guys I did not enjoy watching.

    Both had potential, but I felt both failed to live up to their talents.

    I would not watch them for free.

    However, if Page actually trained to fight for 15 rounds, which he did not appear to do, he should win this fight.

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